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Aquilonia is nestled east of the savage Pictish Wilderness, west of militant Nemedia, north of cutthroat Zingara, and south of the Cimmerian tundra.

* Note: This list does not include all of the quests added since the Rise of the Godslayer expansion was added.

Armsman TavernEdit

Attilius' MansionEdit

Border RangeEdit

Castle of King ConanEdit

Crow's NestEdit

Imirian RavineEdit

Old TarantiaEdit

Outflow TunnelsEdit


Sanctum of the Burning SoulsEdit

Slaughterhouse CellarEdit

Tarantia Common DistrictEdit

Tarantia Noble DistrictEdit

The CatacombsEdit

The CisternEdit

The Iron TowerEdit

The Main SystemEdit

The MazeEdit

The Old Smugglers RouteEdit

Thunder RiverEdit

Villa AmielEdit

Villa CamillusEdit

Villa Camillus (Cursed)Edit

Villa LentulusEdit

Villa PaetusEdit

Villa VerdeEdit

Wild Lands of ZelataEdit




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