Cimmeria 1

Quests: Cimmeria[]

Cimmeria, a land of wooded fields and hard tundra, mountain ranges and cold, gray skies are all part of the Cimmerian geography. Politically Cimmeria is surrounded by those who would aim to kill or conquer the native clans.

Atzel's Approach[]

  • Aelfrith's Camp
  • Against the Giant Chief
  • Against the Larvae Matrons
  • Atzel's Men
  • Beastmaster of An-Sug
  • Behind the Ice
  • Blood Soaked Battle Plans
  • Bloody Ambush
  • Bow Down
  • Bridge of Blood and Death
  • Callosus's Fate
  • Charmed by the Past
  • Chilled to the Bone
  • Cimmerian Allies
  • Clearing the Ridge
  • Cold Iron for the Soul
  • Crawling from the Depths
  • Dead Man's Ledger
  • Dead Man's Ledger
  • Death to the Arachneologian!
  • Demon Eggs
  • Esperan the Zingaran
  • Esperan's Admirer
  • Far Off Illicit Trade
  • Feast of Wyrmlings
  • Hard Evidence
  • Hyperboreans no More
  • Inside Enemy Territory
  • Internal Allies
  • Kidnapping & Torture
  • Master of the Silver Peacock
  • Missing Merchandise
  • Power Behind the Throne
  • Proof of Raiders
  • Rage of the Ape God
  • Revenge of the Ape God
  • Revenge Served Cold
  • Rise to the Challenge
  • Rogue Trader
  • Run Away, Far Far Away
  • Saving a Snake's Hide
  • Shamanistic Remedies
  • Stygian Trading Permit
  • Tale of Insanity
  • Talon the Spymaster
  • The 5th Columnist
  • The Crown of Acheron
  • The Draconis Hex
  • The Giant Killings
  • The Ice Fiend
  • The Killing Zone
  • The Lamb Becomes a Wolf
  • The Lost Men
  • The Nemedian Dispatch
  • The Smell of Fear
  • The Stygian's Diary
  • The Troglodyte Conflict
  • Trail to the Dragon's Lair
  • Traitor, Spy, or Fear
  • Trek to Thrymheim
  • Turncoats and Cutthroats
  • Vile Venom from Stygia
  • Wanted! Atzel's Lookouts
  • Wanted! Destroyer of Atzel's Guards
  • Wanted! Destroying the Troglodyte Menace
  • Wanted! Glacial Sabertooth Menace
  • Wanted! Ivory Vale Troglodytes
  • Wanted! No Compromise
  • Wanted! Skammestein Prison Guards
  • Wanted! The Atzel Struggle
  • Wanted! Undeads to the East
  • War Standard
  • White Gold
  • Worm Holes

Atzel's Fortress[]

  • Atzel's Head on a Pike
  • Chief Chulainn and the Bloody Spear
  • Death to the Black Dragon
  • Prisoners of War
  • Storming the Gate

Conall's Valley[]

  • A Dirge for the Dead
  • A Sharp Blade
  • A Special Request
  • An Impending Attack
  • Appetite of the Wolf
  • Chaos in the Fortress
  • Clans at War
  • Defeating Iceblade
  • Deiric's Sacrifice
  • Forgotten Treasure
  • Hawkeye
  • Hunting for Valoz
  • Invading the Supply Camp
  • Kern Wolfeye
  • Love of an Outcast
  • Mayhem in the Fortress
  • Rotten Molars
  • The Ancient Burial Mounds
  • The Cimmerian's Plea
  • The Gravesinger
  • The Gravesinger's Voice
  • The Hidden Cavern
  • The Passing of Blackfrost
  • The Snowy Beast
  • The Tactician's Camp
  • The Tanner's Request
  • Torn from the Dead

Conarch Village[]

Cradle of Decay[]

  • A Crawling Threat

Eiglophian Mountains[]

Field of the Dead[]

  • A Curious Encounter

Frost Swamp[]

  • Arachnophoria

Halls of Eternal Frost[]

  • Acheronian Blood Hunters

Lacheish Plains[]

Spider Caverns[]

  • The Gamblers Gambit

The Amphitheatre of Karutonia[]

  • The Dark Arts

Toirdealbach's Tomb[]

  • Ancient Weapons

Ymir's Pass[]

  • The Tomes of the Dead



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