Râ Morgana was a human female, with probably some unspecified magic powers. She was considered the Sacred Child, believed to be the daughter of the High Priestess and a god, but her actual father was Conan of Cimmeria.

Râ Morgana was generated by Conan and the High Priestess the day after Conan freed the Priestess from the evil wizard. The priestess lied about her pregnancy, so the sister of the Order, believed the baby to be the Sacred Child, daughter of a god who had slept with the High Priestess, and so believed Morgana.

About twenty years later, Râ Morgana knew a man and fell in love with him. But during one of their intimate meetings they were exposed by the Priestesses. Tê Kortinëa and other sisters brought Râ Morgana in front of the authority of the High Priestess. The High Priestess confessed to Râ Morgana the truth about her father and let her go with her lover against the protestations of Tê Kortinëa.

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