Weapons such as bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons (such as daggers, knives, and spears) are classified as ranged weapons. By using these in combat, you can deal damage to your enemy from a distance. Fighting with a ranged weapon differs from fighting with a melee weapon, but it still uses some of the same functions. You still use the directional keys and arrows to shoot or throw in different directions. Shooting in different directions causes you to aim for the enemy's left side, right side, or head. You can also perform combo moves when using ranged weapons. Enemies will employ the same defense system as they would against traditional melee attacks.

You can use traditional targeting when using ranged weapons, and you can also zoom into first-person mode. Doing this will allow you a greater distance in range then you would otherwise. When in first-person mode a crosshair will appear on the screen. It changes colors to indicate whether the target is in range or not to give a clear indication of your chance to hit the target. This introduces a great combination between actual player skill (targeting and choosing your targets) and the more traditional Role-Playing Game (RPG) skill systems. The standard "To-Hit" roll will still be present and correct however while in first-person mode there isn't an easy "lock on target" mode. If the target is moving the player will have to keep steady and in the sights to place the hit. Therefore ranged users will need to pay close attention to choosing their targets carefully, picking the right target at the right time and needing to consider the reaction of their target to being fired upon. Skills won't help much if a stray arrow attracts the attention of an entire group of angry Picts you may have been better off avoiding.

Ranged combat will also operate from a number of different "stances." Each stance will allow the player a chance to use a different style of ranged attack. For example, the Ranger has access to the sniper-stance which allows them to increase their range even further. Another example would be the volley-stance which allows them to blanket an area with as many arrows as they can fire.

Different classes will have varied skills with ranged weapons so that your stats and how you have chosen to advance your skills will still bear heavily on your chance to hit,and how much damage you might do.

Fire stance = Best for grouping with a hox