Permitted Races
Ranged attacks
Sweep (melee)
Slam (melee)
Penetrating Shot
Deft Stabs (melee)
Quick Shot
Cripple (melee)

Rangers are the finest marksmen in Hyboria, capable of stalking an enemy and delivering devastating shots with pinpoint accuracy.

From the skilled woodsmen of the Bossonian Marches to the shortbow wielding horsemen of the Stygian desert, their skills with a bow set them apart from other warriors.

With an arsenal of specialist shots that can pin an enemy down, start bleeding wounds or pierce an enemy’s heart, they are difficult opponents. Knights fall to their fletched shafts and all the magic in hell cannot save a sorcerer with an arrow in their throat. They can fight in melee with swords and maces and wear medium armor, but their strengths lay with the bow. Rangers are the only class that can perform ranged combo moves and use ranged weapons while mounted.

Rangers have a track ability, allowing them to track players or prey in the surrounding area. They also have access to three types of traps: The innate Fire Trap that damages the target over time, the featable Leghold Trap which roots the target and the featable Booby Trap that knockbacks the target. Through other feats, these traps can also be enhanced in various ways and enhance the Rangers itself for a short time when used.

Rangers have something called a Mezz-Shot. They can go into hiding and wait for an enemy to show up. If they shoot somebody while hidden, their shot has a chance of putting the enemy in a mezzed state. This basically stuns the target, so they're unable to move or fight back for an amount of time as long as they are not affected further.

Rangers also have different Advantages . Advantage: Focused Fire is a core advantage which enhanced the Ranger's damage, while the rest are only gained by feats. These featable abilities grants the Ranger various enhancements, where some Advantages even enhance the Rangers team. For instance, the Advantage: Absolute Precision will increase the chance to hit and increase penetration rating of all team members, while the Advantage: Shattering Attack will increase the damage of the next attack the ranger does, and if the target is affected by the debuff Phsyical Wreck , then this advantage will spread the debuff to other nearby enemies.

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Ranger full tier 2

Other featable Advantages are Advantage: Recuperation which restores stamina to the team, Advantage: Fire 'Attack which gives extra fire damage to the Ranger's next attack, Advantage: Sharpened Weapons which enhances the amount and chance of penetration of their attack to deal more damage to the target and Advantage: Misdirection which lowers the amount of hate the Ranger generates towards their target. All of these Advantages can be feated at the same time and they can also be enhanced by other feats, but they all share cooldown, including Advantage: Focused Fire. These advantages replaced the previous stances so that the Ranger can use a variety of buffs to different situations, instead of one constant buff. Hence they share cooldown as they are not ment to be stacked.

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Ranger level 80 full tier 2

Additional Information

The Ranger is a merge of the Ranger and the Waylayer classes, which

was merged to provide a unique and wide array of arsenal, combinations and abilities, thanks to the various ways a Ranger can enhance its individual playing style through feats like Advantages. The Ranger is also a class who has the ability to play in FPS mode while using ranged, although it is harder to hit the target in this mode but it actually increase the range of the Ranger's attacks. Ranger is also one of the classes with the most crowd-control abilities; fear, stun, knockback, snare and root.


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