A Hyrkanian warrior. Red Sonja lived with her family in a humble home in the Western Hyrkanian steppes. When she had just turned 17 years old, a group of cruel mercenaries killed her father Ivor, her mother and two younger brothers and burned their house and all their possessions. She survived but was raped by the leader of the group. Answering her cry for revenge, the red goddess Scathach appeared to her, and instilled in her incredible skill in the handling of swords and other weapons on the condition that she would never lay with a man unless he defeated her in fair combat.

After her encounter with the bandits who had destroyed her home and raped her, she began training with the sword, hiring herself out as a sellsword to those who could pay her handsomely for her abilities. During these times, she encountered Conan, though the two of them clashed in personality. It was also during these times she also ran into the mercenary leader who was responsible for the destruction of their home. Alas, he was the victim of bandits on the road. Driven mad by the tortures of the bandits, and not feeling any measure of revenge by killing the helpless man, she leaves him to die in the road.

Red Sonja and Conan cross paths several times later on, but again, their personalities usually cause them to be very short-lived allies.