The Reliquary of Flame
Level 80
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Region Khitai
Zone Northern Grasslands
Boss Count 1

Player Limit 6

Relquary of Flame is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in the Northern Grasslands at the Warmonk Monastery.

Difficulty: 4/10

Mandatory Skill: FINELY HONED (1)

Starting God Slayer ModeEdit

Stage 1:

  1. Enter Reliquary of Flames, and talk to the monk sitting down. He will give you a Flint after you talked to him. This flint will be used in summoning the Boss out
  2. Enter to the first landing with 4 bookshelves. Break these bookshelves to grab 3 scrolls each broken bookshelf. Each time you break a shelf, 2 elites will spawn and they are CCable. You will need 6 scrolls to start the summoning.
  3. After gathering all the scrolls you need, move to the next landing where you will see 4 huge pillars facing a centered bundle of twigs. There will be 3 sack of sand located 12 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock.
  4. Start putting 6 scrolls into the bundle of twigs in the center of room and lite it up with the flint. Immediately when it is lit up, the entrance door will close and a bunch of minions will come running in. – KILL THEM ALL
  5. When the minions are killed, 2 elites will spawn and will try to extinguish the bonfire you started. If they are successful, you will have to start the whole thing again. – KILL THEM ALL
  6. Finally, “the Abbot” will spawn and will try to extinguish the bonfire. – KILL HIM FAST
  7. When the Abbot dies, he will drop an Oil Flask. Pick it up and put it in the bonfire before the boss spawn to activate GOD SLAYER MODE. If for some reason, your team were not able to kill the abbot fast enough, then the boss will spawn before you get the chance to put the oil into the bonfire, you will be fighting in Normal mode.

Stage 2:
Fighting the boss in God Slayer Mode
Boss spawns, and will cast a one shot burn AOE at 75%, 50% 25% of HP. When he prepares to cast this one shot AOE, players run up the small landing behind the four pillars (need to break LOS of Boss) and prepare to grab the sands in the sack to be placed in the bonfire. When the fire vanishes, the heavies runs to the sack of sand and grab sand, douse the bonfire with the sand to put out the boss’ Fireshield (this fire shield kills whoever attack the boss). The boss will aggro on the person who grabs the sand.

In God Slayer mode, the boss will cast BURN SKIN that will kill everyone in a matter of seconds if not handled with care. When he first cast burn skin, he will recast it again at 40sec, 39sec, 38 sec, 37sec interval, and will only reset the interval after he does the center room one shot burn AOE. That's where FINELY HONED is used.
Detailed fight steps:

  1. Get in melee position, all around the bonfire where the boss will spawn. If for some reason, someone were to be away from the boss, the boss will cast a bubble fire shield on him/her. This bubble shield (Orange color) will kill everyone within 10 meters away.
  2. When the boss spawn, the rogue with Finely honed must target him and watch the cast bar. The boss sometimes cast burn skin when he spawns in. If he cast BURN SKIN , wait till he finish casting before you use finely honed. If you use it before he finished, then you have wasted it and it’ll be a wipe. There will be a -1 second to the interval counter every time he cast BURN SKIN and will reset it after he does his 1 shot AOE. Meaning, when he first cast his BURN SKIN , timer will start at 40sec, 39sec,38sec,37sec and will only reset after he does his Big AoE. It also means, that the DPS should be good enough so as to lighten the stress on the FINELY HONED rogue and get the boss to reset the timer by hitting the 25% hop interval.
  3. At 75%, 50% and 25% hp, the boss will run to the bonfire and cast his one shot Aoe. At this point, everyone should be up, behind the pillars getting ready to run for the sack of sand. If you are still on the floor, or in LOS with him, you will die. When he finish casting his Big AOE, he will have a fire shield around him and will kill those who attack him, you will need to douse the bonfire with the sand to get the fire shield off him. (you will need 5 sand to do it)
  4. When grabbing the sands from the sack of sand (located at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock), the tanks should grab it last as the boss will continually swap agro to the last person who grabs the sand. Under geared clothie will be 1 shotted.
  5. After dousing the bonfire with 5 sands, the fireshield will dissipates and everyone back to melee range and beat on hit. The FINELY HONED guy will continue to watch for BURN SKIN .
  6. Repeat till the boss die. Then go kill the box for phat loot.

Important notes:

  1. Although 1 finely honed rogue will be able to pull off the whole fight, it is safer to have a backup. 1 slip and it’s a wipe.
  2. Tanks must be geared as the God Slayer Mode boss hits hard.
  3. You can destroy the rest of the bookshelves after the boss fight to collect the extra scrolls without having to fight those elites
  4. Stay in melee range while fighting the boss, otherwise he will cast sizzling aura on you, which means you'll do damage to any friendly character coming near you. Only break melee range while LoS at 75, 50, and 25 and while running the sands.

Thanks to Skulliez (Primal Fury - Cimmeria) for the detailed guide.

Possible LootEdit