New How To[]

Turns out this functionality can be added to the in game options menus with Advanced Video Control & Options. Found under Interface Options -> Tweaks -> Splash Screen/Loading Screen: Fade-in Time

Old How To[]

The fade in and fade out of the load screens can be removed. But as an added bonus, this also removes the load screen when you die and res, so that you can get back into the action that much faster. You could also mod them to very short values so you can still have a quick fade in and out. The mod involves editing a .xml file in your application data folder called Prefs_2.xml

NOTE: Some of these folders are hidden, you so have to either view hidden files or paste the entire address into the explorer bar with the correct account names. To view hidden files, in an explorer window hit tools(in vista you have to push alt to make the menu buttons appear) -> Folder Options, then in the View tab click Show hidden files and folders

For Windows XP with default install: C:\Documents and Settings\<WINDOWS ACCOUNT NAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\<AoC ACCOUNT NAME>

For Windows Vista with default install: C:\Users\<WINDOWS ACCOUNT NAME>\AppData\Local\Funcom\Conan\Prefs\<AoC ACCOUNT NAME>

Now right click and edit, or open with notepad. Edit -> Find, look for

<Value name="SplashScreenFadeInTime"

Now this line AND ALSO the line below need to be changed to 0, so that they look like

<Value name="SplashScreenFadeInTime" value="0" /> <Value name="SplashScreenFadeOutTime" value="0" />

Now save, and go play AoC and ENJOY!

Original thread can be found here[1].