In Conan we have special, massive, regions coined (but they have distinct names - "Purple Lotus Swamp" - "Lacheish Plains", "Poitain" etc.) "Resource Resource & Building Regions". They contain 5-8 village locations. These village locations can be occupied by guilds, putting up their walls, towers, keeps and production facilities (to make swords or what have you.). That is, they can put these up unless monsters have settled there first. Picts, bandits or other darker creatures will sometimes call their mates and create their own village when they stumble upon these locations.

As a matter of fact, most of these locations will be occupied within a relative short matter of time. The struggle for resources in the Hyborian world is fierce, and there are no free lunches. Your guild will have to destroy the upstarts, and oust them from their straggling village. Then you can settle. The method of kicking monsters out is to use formations, individual battle and siege engines.

Be that as it may. The monsters can be thrown out of all the places they "hive" except one - the mother hive so to say. Here you will have to "chastise" them, or they will attack your village, burning it to the ground - if not protected. Most likely these sieges will be the places where the formations will "come into their own".

The player villages found in what we call "Resource and building Regions" will not be attackable by other players. They will be attacked by monsters. The battle keeps built in the Border Kingdoms will not be attacked by monsters, only other players. For the villages attacked by monsters, they will burn to the ground, but they can of course be rebuilt. The cost of rebuilding is much less than that of building a complete new one.