Tradeskill Resources are items used in the game for crafting professions. They are gathered by various means, including six harvesting professions.

Harvesting Professions[]

The six harvesting professions are:

Note that Tier 3+ cloth and all leather are collected as drops from mobs within the game -- any character may collect these items regardless of their Weaving or Skinning skills. That said, there are advanced Weaving and Skinning recipes within the game (cf., [Twill] or [Rawhide]) that only Weavers or Skinners of the appropriate levels may learn.

Learning and Advancement[]

Any character may learn all six gathering and harvesting skills, with no limit to their advancement beyond their player's patience in gathering the required resources.

NPC teachers for each of the six skills may be found in any of the game's three resource zones (Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain, and Lacheish Plains), clustered in the villages located there. These three zones are also rich with resources. Beyond those three zones, however most game areas also have resource nodes within them, usually suitably geared toward the level of characters who will normally be in that zone.

Characters need to be at least level 20 to begin their initial resource gathering quests. A second set of quests are available at level 50, and the final set of quests is available at level 70.

To advance to the next tier in resource harvesting, a character must complete the previous tier's quests for that resource.

Resource Tiers[]

Resources within the game are thought of as belonging to six tiers. The lowest tiers are those harvestable by lower level characters, while the top level tiers are only available to characters of level 70 or better. For each resource node, there is a standard harvest (which the node will be named after) and a rare harvest which only occasionally results from a harvest attempt.

Tier Level for Quest Cloth Leather Metal Ore Stone Wood
1 20 [Cotton] [Rough Leather] [Silver] [Copper] [Sandstone] [Ash]
2 20 [Cottonwisp] [Brindled Leather] [Blackened Silver] [Tin] [Clear Quartz] [Ebon Ash]
3 50 [Silk] [Calloused Leather] [Electrum] [Iron] [Granite] [Yew]
4 50 [Tussah Silk] [Grained Leather] [Illustrium] [Aurichalcum] [Feldspar] [Amberwood]
5 70 [Ironsilk] [Gnarled Leather] [Gold] [Duskmetal] [Basalt] [Oak]
6 70 [Gossamer Silk] [Whorled Leather] [Platinum] [Blue Iron] [Adamant] [Soulwood]

Harvesting Resources[]

For those resources which come from nodes, gathering the resources exhausts a percentage of the resources remaining in the node: normally 10% of available resources for the standard resource and at 20% for a rare resource. If the rare resource is found with less than 30% left in any given resource, chances are the resource will be depleted entirely. Nodes regenerate at a rate of approximately 1% per minute.

In addition to the standard and rare harvests, some nodes offer "incidental harvests". These harvests are obtained in addition to the normal or rare harvest from the node and do not drain any resources when they are obtained. Some incidental harvests include:

Tiers Ore Node Stone Node Wood Node
1 + 2 [Fine Quartz Dust] [Fine Quartz Dust]
[Powdered Desert Glass]
[Sacred Ash]
3 + 4 [Red Magnesite]
[Magnetite Powder]
[Coal Oil]
[Yohimbe Bark]
5 + 6 [Ground Hematite] [Ground Cinnabar]
[Nushadir Salt]
[Acacia Bark]

Tips for Harvesting[]

For Metal, Stone, Ore, and Wood:

  • For those resources which come from nodes, it's difficult to find better clusters of them than the clusters available in the Resource Zones. The zones are busy with other harvesters, however, and those harvesting within them are prone to random spawns both while harvesting and while travelling, which can make the zones dangerous and harvesting time consuming.
  • For those who belong to a guild, it's possible to travel to the guild's instance of the resource zone its city is built in; this zone is shared with, at most, two other guilds, which can improve harvesting possibilities.

For Cloth, many find certain areas or [Game_Terms/M#Mob|mobs] to have the best drop rates. These include:

  • Cannibal Caves (for Silk and Tussah Silk)
  • The Villas in the Tarantia Noble District for any of the cloth items which drop (the character need only be of the appropriate level to that cloth when entering the villa).

Leather can be difficult to obtain due to its general rarity. It drops from animal-type creatures (and some humans) in various zones. Where to harvest can depend upon what the gatherer is after:

  • for Rough and Brindled Leathers: try the Crocodiles of Khopshef Province, the wolves and diseased bears of the Wild Lands of Zelata, and any of the Prey animals located in the three resource zones.
  • for Calloused and Grained Leathers: try the wild pigs found in Poitain and the werewolves of the Field of the Dead.
  • for Gnarled and Whorled Leathers: try the hyenas of Kheshatta.
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