Enables the Necromancer's team to absorb some damage

Runed Flesh (Rank 1)

Mana Cost: 60
Targeting Mode: Friendly Personal Spell
Casting Time: 2 seconds
Duration: 60 minutes
Recast: 20 seconds
Effect: +19.9 Damage reduction per hit on absorb shield. Creates a shield absorbing 298 hitpoints.
Effect over time: Runed Flesh (Rank 1) every 25 seconds*. Creates a shield absorbing 298 hitpoints every 25 seconds.
Chance on hit: Chance on getting damage, Set's Shield on target Team Effect: Runed Flesh (Rank 1)
Power Increase: +20% Increase to damage or healing
Affected: Set's Shield

  • Shield reset time can be decreased to 15 seconds by investing 3 feat points in General Mage Feat - Quickened Iron