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A script is basically a list of instructions that are gathered in a script file that, when executed, carries out all instructions sequentially. In AoC, user script files, which is usually just text files, are located in Age of Conan\Scripts. It is possible that this directory doesn't exist and must be created. Scripts usually have no file extension since it would complicate the syntax.

You would execute a script by writing:

This would execute the script file myScript, provided that it exists. Create scripts

  • Open Explorer and go to Age of Conan, usually located in C:\Program Files\Funcom\Age of Conan.
  • Make sure that the directory scripts' exists. If it doesn't, create it.
  • Create a new text file testscript in this folder.
  • Open it and type: /w well well, this is a script, who would have figured....
  • Save. Go in game (scripts may still be changed while you are logged in)
  • type /testscript (you may need to type /testscript.txt) in the chat tab that you have subscribed to the appropriate channel, in this example whisper.

Age of Conan will now look for the script file testscript, examine its contents and execute it sequentially. Hence, you would see your character whispering: well well, this is a script, who would have figured.... This is exactly the kind of instruction you specified in the script file.

All chat commands can be used in scripts, from emotes (/emote embrace) over shouting (/s). Some special command usually only used in scripts are:

  • %m = this will be replaced with your character's name
  • %1 = this will be replaced with the first word written after your script name:
    • script: "/s Watch out! A %1!"
    • macro: "/macro watch_out /script %t"

This will result in a shout: "Watch out! A <name of your target>!".

  • %f similar to %t but its the fighting target.
  • delay x = will pause the script for x milliseconds ( x = 1000 = 1 second) (no / is needed)
  • /selectself = target yourself

To stop script invoke /reloadui command.


In general, each single line of a script is seen as a chat message you would normally type into the client and press enter to send it. All commands you know from normal chatting work in scripts. If you have a normal text line, it will be sent to your currently active chat channel. The channel currently active for the script is the one active in the window you started the script from. Unless a line of chat is forced into another channel with specific commands, or the default channel is changed, everything goes into that channel.

The command /ch <channelname> changes the active/default channel to <channelname>. After the script is finished, this channel will still be selected for further chat.

Alternatively you can prefix your text with the channel information e.g. "/gu hi all" will send "hi all" to guild chat regardless of what channel is currently your default. Other options listed below.


The following list shows all of the available chatcommands.

  • / <text> - Sends <text> to vicinity without changing the default channel. Pay attention to the space between / and <text>.
  • /afk <message> - Toggle afk on and off, using <message> as your away message.
  • /anon - Toggle anonymous mode on and off. When anonymous the /list command will not show your name.
  • /camp - Exit the client the normal, graceful way. Does not Log you off the game, instead you can switch characters if wanted.
  • /chsay <channel> - Send text to a certain channel. IE: /chsay ooc (send to OOC)
  • delay
  • /ignore <name> - Add or remove <name> from your ignore list.
To find toons looking to join a team press SHIFT + F to bring up the find team members screen
  • /list - Show all players currently in the same zone as you. This needs to be confirmed - seems to be partially there?
  • /me <text> - Send the emote <text> to your vicinity without changing the default channel. (It should be noted this command currently does not work.)
  • /reloadui - Reloads all interface frames and stops current running scripts.
  • /pet <name> <command> - Sends <command> to your pet <name>. If you do not specify <name> the command is sent to all your pets. If you specify <name> and your pets name includes spaces you need to add quotation marks, eg. /pet "Nibbles the dog" terminate. equivalent in AoC?
  • /quit - This command will exit the client without further questions. Sometimes used to "fake LD". Not very useful.
  • /s <text> - Shouts <text> in vicinity without changing the default channel.
  • /selectself - Target yourself.
  • /setoption <option> <value> - Changes the games settings. A list of options is found below.
  • /t <text> - Sends <text> to teamchat without changing default channel.
  • /text <text> - Shows <text> only in your own chat window.
  • /gu <text> - Send chat to guild chat without changing default channel.
  • /g <text> - Send chat to group chat without changing default channel.

Also all the normal emotes can be used.


This is where the power of scripts starts to show.

  • %0 - Replaces with the name of the script you are running.
  • %1...%9 - Replaces with parameters you gave to your script.
  • %* - Replaces with all given parameters
  • %f - Replaces with the target you currently fight.
  • %m - Replaces with your own name.
  • %t - Replaces with your current primary target.

Graphics options[]

Following Values to be confirmed for AoC Graphics settings can be changed with just a single script. The command is always /setoption <option> <value>. The <option> name is case sensitive.

  • ViewDistance - Accepts values from 0.0 (=0%) to 1.0 (=100%) and defines your max view distance.
  • CharViewDistance - Sets the distance in which characters are still visible for you from 5 to 80 in meters.
  • BuffsFX - Do you want fancy nano execution effects? Can be 0 (=off) or 1 (=on).
  • EnvironmentFX - Do you want environmental effects? Can be 0 or 1.
  • MuzzleFlashFX - Want guns to have a visible effect when firing? 0 or 1.
  • NanoEffectFX - Want to see visible effects of running nanos like damage shiels? 0 or 1.
  • TracersFX - Want to see flying bullets? 0 or 1.
  • OthersFX - Not sure what is included in "Other" but... heh... 0 or 1.
  • Shadows - Do you like shadows? 0 or 1.
  • SimpleClouds - Do you want basic cloud effects? 0 or 1.
  • RealisticClouds - Do you want even more cloud effects? 0 or 1.
  • RealisticMoons - Ugly or nice looking moons? 0 or 1.
  • StarRotation - Want the night sky to look more realistic? 0 or 1.
  • FogMode - How much fog do you like? Accepts values from 0 (=off) to 3 (=all fog effects)
  • MusicOn - Want music? 0 or 1.
  • SoundFXOn - Do you want sound effects? 0 or 1.
  • SoundOnOff - Do you want sound/music at all? 0 or 1.

There are many more options you can alter with the /option command. To get a full list of all options you can alter, press SHIFT+CTRL+F7 in-game and look through the DistValues list. Some of the changes you can make with this command will not take effect until the client is restarted and some might render the client unable to work. Feel free to experiment but be a little careful.

Opening the info window with a link[]

This is where the fun part begins. Scripts can be used to create a clickable link in the chat window which will open a new window, the info window, with your text in it. This is also the first time we need to worry about the 1024 character limit, because everything that you want to show up inside the window needs to be in the same line, i.e. it has to be one single chat command.

The very basic framework we will be using is this:

  • <a href="text://TEXT GOES HERE">LINK NAME GOES HERE</a>

Copy and paste that into a script file and execute the script in AO. You will get a link "LINK NAME GOES HERE" and when you click it, the info window will open and show "TEXT GOES HERE" in it.

Chat commands from inside the info window[]

Now that we can open the info window and put formatted text in it, we can try some even more advanced things. It is possible to use chat commands from inside the info window. You will have a link inside the window that will execute the chat command when clicked.

  • <a href='chatcmd:///ymca'>Click here to YMCA</a>

is the syntax to use chat commands. Using this alone in a scrip will result in a link that does nothing when clicked. It has to be done from inside the info window. So we add this to the basic info window framework we discussed above and get:

  • <a href="text://<a href='chatcmd:///ymca'>Click here to YMCA</a>">LINK NAME GOES HERE</a>

Copy paste it and try it. You will get a link "LINK NAME GOES HERE" that will open the info window with a link inside named "Click here to YMCA" which will make your toon do that dance when clicked. You can execute any chat command that way. Even the /quit command which would make people that click it go LD immediately. DON'T DO CRAP LIKE THAT!!!11eleven

Images inside the info window[]

It is possible to use client graphics (from the GUI) and item icons inside the info window. Using GUI graphics is a little difficult, because you need the graphics ID to do it. These are long uppercase descriptors unique to each of the graphics. Posting a list would take too much space and they change with each patch. I'll just give one example. Again, this only works inside the info window (and also with the /lft command, the graphic will show up as your description).


is the syntax to add a GUI graphic. GFX_GUI_CONTROLCENTER_TARGET_ICON_SELF is the graphics ID. Again this alone won't work, because it has to be done inside the info window. So let's add it to the info window framework again:

<a href="text://<img src=tdb://id:GFX_GUI_CONTROLCENTER_TARGET_ICON_SELF>">LINK NAME GOES HERE</a>

Try this one. It will open the info window and show the icon the GUI uses to target yourself. A full list of all the GUI graphics IDs is not yet available.

Using item icons is just a tiny bit more easy. You need the icon ID (not the item ID) which is just a number. You can find out the icon ID of the icon you want to use with AUNO or the Anarchy mainframe. The little icons there have a number as a file name which is the icon ID.

<img src=rdb://86483>

is the syntax to use a item icon. Again this wont work alone... heh... you know the drill. Let's add it to the info window framework.

<a href="text://<img src=rdb://86483>">LINK NAME GOES HERE</a>

Copy paste this one and you will get a info window with the icon of the Shades of Lucubration in it.

Item reference links[]

Will need some working AoC references to clarify this section Last but not least it's possible to create item reference links manually. These links also work outside the info window. For these you need the item IDs. To get these you need to activate logging for one of your chat windows, post the item you want to know the ID from and then look inside the chat log. Or... you look up the item at AUNO ar Anarchy Mainframe again and inspect the URL. You will find the IDs there too.

The syntax is:

<a href='itemref://Low_ID/High_ID/QL'>NAME</a>

Low_ID is the ID of the item at the lowest possible quality in the database. High_ID is the ID of the item at the highest possible quality, and QL is the actual quality you want your linked item to be. NAME is the name of the item, but it doesn't actually have the be the real items name. It can be anything you want. The example below will open a info window with the icon of the Shades of Lubrication that when clicked on will change the info window to the items reference. In this example LowID and HighID are the same, because that item only exists at this quality. When you try to link to, let's say, carbonum armor, they will be different.

<a href="text://<a href='itemref://152713/152713/165'><img src=rdb://86483></a>">LINK NAME GOES HERE</a>

Script Examples[]

Just copy these, put it in a text file, and save in your scripts folder under any name you choose.

/raid <a href="text://Epic Raid Weapons

T1 » Dagger » Song of Demise
T2 » Dagger » The Silent Knell

T1 » 1H Edged » The Crescent of Blood
T1 » 2H Edged » The Twinned Moons
T2 » 1H Edged » Axe of Red Ruin
T2 » 2H Edged » Greataxe of the Crimson Sea

Bear Shaman
T1 » 2H Blunt » Hammer of Primal Wrath
T2 » 2H Blunt » Arm of the Great Bear

T1 » 1H Edged » Bloodseeker Blade
T1 » 2H Edged » Bloodseeker Claymore
T2 » 1H Edged » Sovereign Battleblade
T2 » 2H Edged » Bloodregent Claymore

Dark Templar
T1 » 1H Edged » The Baleful Blade
T1 » Shield » Gorulga's Shield
T1 » Talisman » Gorulga's Mark
T2 » 1H Edged » Blade of the Fallen King
T2 » Shield » The Shield of Alkmeenon
T2 » Talisman » The Mark of Gwahlur

T1 » Dagger » Blade of Marred Spirits
T1 » Talisman » Fetish of Caged Fiends
T1 » Staff » Stave of Malefic Rites
T2 » Dagger » Zukala's Rites
T2 » Talisman » Zukala's Reliquary
T2 » Staff » Clutch of Black Terrors

T1 » 1H Edged » Broadsword of Okeanos
T1 » Shield » Aegis of the Warlord
T1 » Polearm » Trident of Okeanos
T2 » 1H Edged » Edge of the Golden Age
T2 » Shield » Aegis of the Jackal
T2 » Polearm » Teeth of the Drowned

Herald of Xotli
T1 » 2H Edged » Rage of Xotli
T1 » Dagger » The Lost Soul
T1 » Talisman » Blood Scripture of Xotli
T2 » 2H Edged » Fury of Xotli
T2 » Dagger » Pain of the Damned
T2 » Talisman » Elder Scripture of Xotli

T1 » Dagger » Edge of Tartarus
T1 » Talisman » Opus of Ash and Blood
T1 » Staff » Axis of Tartarus
T2 » Dagger » Knife of Dessication
T2 » Talisman » Tome of the Undying
T2 » Staff » The Narthex of Hell

Priest of Mitra
T1 » 1H Blunt » Vise of the Anointed
T1 » Shield » Pavis of Fealty
T1 » Talisman » Tome of Holy Obeisance
T1 » Staff » Staff of Devout Piety
T2 » 1H Blunt » Hammer of Solemn Vows
T2 » Shield » The Haven of War
T2 » Talisman » Tome of Deific Reverence
T2 » Staff » Staff of Eternal Confluence

T1 » Ammunition » Bolts of Black Sorrow
T1 » Ammunition » Quiver of Barbed Tongues
T1 » Bow » The Fleeted Wing
T1 » Crossbow » Draw of Fangs
T1 » 1H Edged » The Scimitar of Dunes
T1 » Dagger » The Gilded Grave
T1 » Shield » Sepulcher's Ward
T2 » Ammunition » Spines of Repose
T2 » Ammunition » Quiver of Black Asps
T2 » Bow » Brace of Kuthchemes
T2 » Crossbow » The Serpent's Pull
T2 » 1H Edged » Sirocco's Lament
T2 » Dagger » The Agony of Ages
T2 » Shield » The Shield of Entropy

Tempest of Set
T1 » 1H Blunt » Mace of the Cloudseer
T1 » Shield » The Storm Harbor
T1 » Talisman » The Tome of Storms
T1 » Polearm » The Cloudscar
T2 » 1H Blunt » Heaven's Torment
T2 » Shield » Shedu of Arcing Skies
T2 » Talisman » Scripture of Coronal Skies
T2 » Polearm » Spear of Ishti

">Epic Raid Weapons</a>

LFM Announcement - For group leaders[]

This script is useful if you are trying to form a group. It is fairly complex but it is nicely formatted and it works. Use it as a template and include any information like how many you are still looking for, what classes you need, what levels are appropriate, etc.

<a href="text://<div align=center><font color=#ffff00 face=HYBORIANLarge>LFM</font> Looking for 1x MT 1x KITER 1x PoM/ToS 2x DPS: Slithering Chaos <br><a href='chatcmd:///w %m I would like an invitation, please.'>Click here</a> to request an invitation from %m.</div>"><font color=#ffff00 face=HYBORIANSMALL>LFM</font> %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 %10 %11 %12 %13 %14 %15(click here)</a>