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The Sepulcher of the Wyrm is a 6-man dungeon located in the Dragon's spine .


Recommended team setup: 2xTanks, 2xHealers,1xRogue,1xMage

Note on Tanks: They need good gear, epic Khitai gear minimum, critigation amount and Elusive Nature will help as the last boss Crits for 50% of the time and can crit for up to 5k damage.

First Boss: Jarl-Kosh the Lotus-Haunted

Jarl is tanked where he stands and can't be moved. The longer the fight lasts the more damage he will do.

Jarl have two important abilities:

  • Corruptive Blitz: It's a channeled spell that will put a aoe below players, the players simply have to move away, the best thing is to constant run. Each time you get hit by the green aoe, you'll get a debuff stack. 
  • Catalyst: This spell is cast right after the Blitz cast, and will do two things, anyone with a stack from the blitz will take damage, second, for each stack you will be stunned for 5 seconds. If you dont have any stacks you should take no or very little damage, and no stun.

TLDR: Tank & Spank the boss, when boss casts Corrputive Blitz, move around the room then go back to boss again once the cast is over. Avoid all green areas on ground, or you'll be stunned when the boss casts Catalyst.

Puzzle: 'After the first boss there is a puzzle room, the solution to the puzzle is shown in the loading screen to the dungeon:


Simply activate the two switches in the room before the puzzle then activate all the ground switches in the circle at the same time, and the gate will open.

Second Boss: Osseous Abomination

The second boss has several abilities the team must overcome.

  • Violent Swipe: It's a frontal cone based damage that hits  for 2-5k on tanks, so dps has to stay behind boss, and both tanks infront. It's a good idea for tanks to move away from the swipe cast if possible as the boss hits quite hard with his normal attacks too.
  • Ground Slam: It's a 360 degree AOE knockback all players should move away from it. Players should however not run too far, the range is only about 3-4 meters. The group should quickly get back and continue to dps. Only the player targeted by the follow up cast "Cave in" should run away when he's targeted.
  • Cave in: After Ground slam the boss will target a random player, he will then run up to that player and start to cast "Cave in". Cave in is a AOE damage area that will stay there for the rest of the fight. So it's important where this effect is placed. The effect is placed first when the Cave in spell finishes. So there is time for the player to run somewhere clever and place it. For example by grouping them up by the stairs, so they're out of the way.
  • Seeing Red/Pulverize: After every 3rd Ground slam the boss will have a new cast "Seeing red", again the boss will target a random player, and place a sign on him. The player who is targeted should try to hide from the boss for about 10-20 seconds atleast, the longer you manage to avoid the boss the weaker the following  Pulverize cast will be. All other players must hide from the Pulverize cast. "Pulverize V" is the strongest one, which can one shot casters and "Pulverize I" is the weakest. It's a good idea to always try to get the weakest pulverize incase someone in the team does not hide behind a pillar. The strongest can oneshot players with low health.

Custodian of Yoth

Third Boss: Supernal Custodian of Yoth

This boss hits quite hard and two healers will help quite a bit. Tanks must be able to switch aggro too, and be decent geared. There's 3 crystals on the floor, 2xTanks and a healer uses 1 each to teleport to boss. The 3 others stays downstairs and kill adds. At about 75% when the adds spawn the team downstairs must press the red orb. The tank group just Tank & Spanks the boss untill 25% then just follow boss downstairs by clicking the teleport.

Tank & Spank the boss to zero health once downstairs.

Loot: Hand-Wraps of the oxmalRelic of the oyster Mucus


The dungeon was shown live while in closed beta on a devcast with, watch the youtube video below:

Age of Conan DevChat - Reveal of Dragonspine!-0

Age of Conan DevChat - Reveal of Dragonspine!-0

The Sepulchral of the Wyrm

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