Seruahs AbiltiesEdit



This can be a tricky fight. While it is preferable to have necro's in the raid (for their Shatter), it is not necessary. The fight can be broken into three segments:

  1. Dusk Fiends
  2. Adds O'Plenty
  3. Seruah

Dusk FiendsEdit

This part of the fight is relatively easy. Nominate 4 heavies, and assign each one to go to a different corner of the room, as soon as the fight begins. The corners are: Front left (just inside the door and closest on the left side of the room), Front Right (just inside the door and closest on the right side of the room), Back Left (Far corner at the back of the room on the left side of the room), Back Right (Far corner at the back of the room on the Right side of the room). Healers can be distributed as needed within the groups - the tanks must stay alive through the initial first phase.

To start the fight just head into the room. The four nominated heavies should head to thier corners, whilst the remainder of the raid heads to the Front Left corner (the same one in fact where one of the heavies will position themselves). They mush cram themselves into the wall/corner as much as possible. Immediately 4 Dusk Fiends will appear. The heavy right in front of the group should immediately irritate the Dusk Fiend that appears right next to the raid, and position themselves with thier back to the middle of the room. This will force the Dusk Fiend to face away from the rest of the raid, at the wall, and fight the heavy. This Dusk Fiend should be burnt down ASAP. Whilst this is happening, numerous smaller fiends will appear. Ignore these as best possible and concentrate on burning down the bigger Dusk Fiends. Also at this stage three other Dusk Fiends will have appeared in the other three corners and must be grabbed by the heavies sent there, and towed back to the group. Likewise, they must be faced away from the group, and tanked until the rest of the raid can attack it. Heals and buffs should be cast as needed to keep these other heavies up. The Dusk Fiends must be burnt down one at a time, and it is important that the order is specified before the fight begins - this means that all firepower will be concentrated on one Dusk Fiend at a time. They will go down quicker. Then just burn down the smaller fiends.

Adds O'PlentyEdit

As the fiends are nearing being destroyed, waves of adds will pour in - snakes, creatures, etc. Although these seem endless, they are in fact limited in number - thier are just lots of them. This is where Necro's can be handy, although sufficient aoe dps should be all that is needed. Burn these down as quick as possible. It is important to keep a few of the heavies up, as they will be needed for the final part of the fight. At some point Seruah will pop, and thier will still usually be adds coming in too. If possible have the heavies maintain aggro on Seruah, and burn down the remainder of the adds. At some point they will run out and everyone left can concentrate on the boss. Rez's, if avaialble can be used to up fallen raid members, but who can be at raid leaders choice - healers and heavies would be useful.


The Seruah fight is all about aggro-swapping. She can be downed with only half a raid (12 people), less even, if this is done properly. This is where the heavies come in handy. She has an attack that knock-backs who ever has her aggro. This is very obvious - the person in question will go flying quite a ways backwards through the air (think Atzels knock-back). As soon as this happens she puts a dot on that person. At this point aggro must, must, be swapped to another person. If it is not taken by another player, it will instantly kill the person knocked-back. If it is swapped, then the player will only take damage and can get up, and return to the fight. It is then simply a matter of rotating the aggro - preferably amongst the heavies, as they have the health points to play with. As noted, Rezzing when possible will simpy add more dps and shorten the fight. Those could, perhaps, be saved for bring up heavies who miss the aggro swap timing, or healers to maintain the remaining players health.