Set, the Old Serpent, is the arch-enemy of Ibis and a god once revered by the priest of Acheron. In the ancient kingdom of Stygia, Set is worshipped by devoted clerics who parse him with serpent-shaped idols. He's also known as Damballah within the Black Kingdoms.

Set is a cruel and jealous god who demands constant sacrifice from his subjects, his priests are only too willing to comply as they bring naked virgins screaming to his altar to appease his blood-lust. In Stygia, the snake is considered holy and killing a snake is a mortal sin (as King Conan himself once found out when adventuring in Stygia). If a snake slithers into the cities or streets, Set's subjects will lay prostrate before him, hoping to be found worthy of his bite.

His priests are almost as frightening as the god himself, and they terrify their own people almost as much as they terrify their enemies. Stygia is a theocracy, and the mad and corrupt clergy run the country on fear and wonder, as well as an indiscriminate willingness to sacrifice their own people.

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