Server Information[]

Set is a one of the original PvE servers, launched as part of Funcom's Early Access on 17 May, 2008.

From the results of the unofficial time zone poll, Set is an eastern time zone server. Set is also known amongst the community as PVE/PVP for players interested in PVP but who wish to play on a PVE server. Set is also the unofficial PVE server for players seeking endgame PVE on an east coast time schedule.

Community Information[]


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Remnants of Honor => .|. - If you are a mature gamer, looking for a relaxed group of people to hang out with then maybe we're the guild for you. We're an international guild with experienced players from the US, Europe and Asia, currently working on our Guild city and helping members level up. Organised PVP, End Game Raids and Guild Events are all planned for the future. If we look like the guild you're looking for, register an account on our forums and fill in our short application. Remanants of Honor Website

Legends of Valhalla => - The Legends of Valhalla is an open guild meant to suit as many playing styles as possible, while at the same time enriching the AoC gaming experience for those who are our members. Our CORE belief is that through the mixing of multiple playing styles the best guilds are made. We have tested this philosophy in other MMORPG’s and have found that by mixing those who are casual and hardcore, those who like PVE/PVP etc. give a balanced view of the game and lead other players who may have never thought to try something different, give it a try Legends of Valhalla

Order of the Black Hand => - Order of the Black Hand is a mature guild with the desire to play and have fun. Core guild has been in different MMO games for over 5 years, ranging from EQ, EQ2, WoW and alot more, currently we are building and working in Age of Conan looking for mature players to join Come and Join us as we adventure thru Hyboria, watch and help us as we create and raise our guild city. FUN is the most important thing as we grow together as well grow with the game itself. Currently we are Full Tier One guild city, and working together to build a solid group to run quests and instances. Order of the Black Hand

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