Shemites are the people of Shem. The Shemites are generally of medium height (though sometimes when mixed with Stygian blood, appear gigantic, broadly, or strongly built) with hook noses, dark eyes, and blue-black hair. The Shemites are excellent archers. Growing up with bows in their hands, they are considered to be among the best archers of Hyboria, matched only by the Bossonians in accuracy. While a Shemite's bow give them a longer range than their northern counterparts, the Bossonians generally have superior armor and a far greater morale.


In the vast kingdom of Shem, powerful kings rule over magnificent city-states in luxurious splendor and civil respect. The royalty of Shem inhabit walled palaces in the west, while fearsome nomads in camel's hair tents rule the arid deserts to the east.

The coastline has few harbors, thus overland trade is the true lifeblood of the nation. Crisscrossing the land in all directions are the famed caravan routes, always traveled by camel trains.

The people of Shem are generally of medium height, broad shouldered and solid, with hooked noses, dark eyes, and blue-black hair. The men sport thick, curled beards and are famed as archers, selling their skill at bow to many a Hyborian army. Primarily, these people are herdsmen and farmers. An industrious, clever people, they manufacture textiles and pottery.

The Eastern Deserts are inhabited by the Zuagir nomads. The Zuagirs are an aggressive tribe of raiders whose desert-bred horses are the finest in the world. These nomads are not aligned with any of the city-states. They raid Shemitish, Zamoran, or Turanian caravans before stealing their food, weapons, and jewelery. Much of the mercenary work available in eastern Shem is due to fear of the Zuagirs. Also, the kings of Turan have repeatedly sent forces into the desert to drive these raiders away.

All Shemites, east and west, worship the female Earth Mother Goddesses whom they deem responsible for protecting their lands,  livestock, and families. Chief of these are Ashtoreth, Derketo, and Ishtar. Adonis, Pteor, and Bel of Shumir are popular male gods. Though the rival city-states are polytheistic, each has its own patron deity.