Shock is a hostile electrical magic spell-line available to the Demonologist class.

Rank Level Mana Cost Damage
1 20 42 80-187
2 40 64 129-299
3 60 90 177-413
4 80 105 189-440
File:Shock icon.jpg
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 20
Casting Time Instant
Attack Rating Electrical Specialization

Instantly strikes the target with a massive electrical bolt. This invocation takes a brief time to recharge.


Inflicts instant electrical damage on the target. This is an instant-cast spell with by default an 8 second cooldown. Gets a couple of interesting extra abilities when affected by the Soul Resonance feat in the Havoc tree; it adds a stackable 30 second debuff to the target's Lightning, Fire and Cold resistance, and about three seconds after the Shock hits a second burst for an additional 50% damage hits a small area around the original target.