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Concept Art picture of a Soldier in Age of Conan

Able to wear heavier armor than any other class, the warrior is able to soak up damage like no other. The heavy armor also allows the warrior to resist knock-back attacks more than any other class. Later specialization classes gain a defensive and offensive stance, the warrior is able to decide whether to hunker down when under attack, or go into a battle frenzy and significantly increase damage output while lowering defense. This class is great for anyone who is familiar with hand to hand combat.

Soldier Classes Edit

The available Soldier classes are:

Priest Priest of Mitra - Tempest of Set - Bear Shaman
Soldier Conqueror - Dark Templar - Guardian
Rogue Barbarian - Ranger - Assassin
Mage Herald of Xotli - Demonologist - Necromancer