There are many solo dungeons in Age of Conan, this list compiles the ones that are repeatable, excluding quest and destiny instances that the players will normally only do once.

Bubshur House (level 23)[]

One of the houses in the village of Bubshur in Khopshef Province.

The Maze (level 27-29)[]

Located in Wild Lands of Zelata.

Spider Caverns (level 28-30)[]

Located in Conall's Valley.

Outflow Tunnels (level 35-37)[]

The entrance can be found in the harbor of Old Tarantia.

Pyramid of the Ancients (level 36-40)[]

Located in the eastern part of Khopshef Province.

Treasury of the Ancients (level 38-40)[]

Located in the eastern part of Khopshef Province.

Fight Club Arena (level 40-60 scalable)[]

Can be accessed via Dubious Totems from the Field of the Dead.

Armsman's Arena (level 40-58)[]

Located in the basement of Armsman's Tavern in the Tarantia Noble District.

The Villas (level 40-80 scalable)[]

The Villas in Tarantia Noble District are the original solo dungeons in Age of Conan, they're available from level 40-80, and scale with the players. They provide extra experience and a safe haven on PvP servers. World drop blue items are known to drop fairly regulary in them. To enter them you need a quest picked up in Noble District or in the tavern. The quests are repeatable and have a 4 hour cooldown period.

The Slaughterhouse Cellar (level 80)[]

The Slaughterhouse Cellar is located in Thunder River and is a lvl 80 only dungeon. It's also possible to do this dungeon in duo or with a team alternativly also in Epic mode. Typicly players start doing the Slaughterhouse at lvl 76+. There's several quests for The Slaughterhouse Cellar but they're not needed to enter.

Attilius' Mansion (level 75-80)[]

The Mansion in Tarantia Common District can also be done in a team and in epic mode. But it's also a popular Solo Dungeon. Rewards include pets, and recipes. Usually only done at levels 75-80.

The Forgotten City & The Breach (level 40-80 scalable)[]

These dungeons are located in The Gateway to Khitai, and are scalable to the player level. Unlike the previous dungeons they introduce a somewhat harder bossfight, althogh not hard enough to provide Rare Trophies. They reward blue accessories like cloaks, rings and necklaces at all levels from 40-80.

In patch 3.3.5 Forgotten City got a new solo Unchained version that offers 1 Rare Trophy, the Breach is now also doable in a group version.

Dead Man's Hand (level 50-80 scalable)[]

Dead Man's Hand was introduced with The Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack and is accessible from the Coast of Ardashir. It's a scalable dungeon for level 50-80. Similar to the Breach and Forgotten City they provide a challenging last boss encounter. But not hard enough to provide Rare Trophies. Loot from the last bosses includes blue quality armor, pets, and some new accessories.

In patch 3.3.5 Funcom added a new Unchained mode for this dungeon that now offers Rare Trophies as a reward.

Refuge of the Apostate (level 80)[]

The Refugee is an end game solo dungeon located in Kara Korum in Khitai , intended for level 80 players who have obtained reasonable armor, Alternate Advancement, and player skills. This dungeon rewards 2-3 Rare Trophies which you can use to buy Epic quality armor, weapons, and accessories with.

Isle of Iron Statues (level 80)[]

Isle of Iron Statues is another end game solo dungeon located in Coast of Ardashir in Turan. It also has a hardmode (timetrial) which rewards double amount of loot if completed. This dungeon rewards 2-6 Rare Trophies depending on luck and skills.