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Asura to Blood money
Blood of Crom to Celestial Radiance
Celtic Leaf Army to Crocodile Tooth
Croiss to Developer Quotes/Thievery
Developer Quotes/Weapons to Ferocious Smack
Ferox (server) to Gelid Strike
Gem to Half-digested Foot
Half-empty Jack of Ale to Instances
Instancing to Lingering Hell
Lingering Wrath to Namedian Legionary's Cingulum
Natron to Pillager
Pillar Lightning to Quest:Every Strong Arm
Quest:Exoskeleton to Quest:Unfinished Business
Quest:Unholy Magic to Rubber Band
Ruin to Skymetal-mail Gauntlet
Skymetal-mail Girdle to Summon Aura of Nebthu
Summon Blighted One to The Varangian Guard
The Vile Nativity to Varangian Guard
Varangian Order to Zamorans
Zamorian to €SOTERICA
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