The Spells Portal

Welcome to the Age of Conan Wiki Spells Portal. Spells and magic play a huge role in Age of Conan for casters and warriors alike. Dealing with the arcane arts and siphoning the power of ancient gods is not something to be taken lightly.
This portal will hold all the spells in Age of Conan, listing each and every one with it's relevant information, such as mana cost, attainable level, it's effects, so on and so forth. Contributions to the portal are always welcome as documenting every spell in Age of Conan is no easy task.

Spell Ranks:

Spell Ranks in Age of Conan are simply higher leveled versions of a previous rank. They are gained automatically as you level up at various levels and if you have the relevant spell on your hotbar, then it is automatically added to the next "empty" spot on there. You can equip lower leveled spells if you wish, however all ranks of a certain spell share the same cooldown when used.

Archetype Spells


Class Spells

Mage NecromancerHerald of XotliDemonologist

Priest Bear ShamanPriest of MitraTempest of Set
Soldier ConquerorDark TemplarGuardian
Rogue BarbarianRangerAssassin