General Abilities[]

Name Description Level
Charge The Guardian launches themselves at their enemy, charging towards them. There must be a direct path to the target, free of all obstacles. 18
Overwhelming Shout The guardian lets roar with a terrifying bellow, terrifying all nearby foes. Those foes directly in front of the guardian become fearful of the guardian and try to slowly move away. Damage against these foes has a chance of removing their fear, but not their movement penalty. Other foes around the guardian become stunned and unable to take any action, although any damage to these foes will shake them out of their inaction. (10 min cooldown.) 35

Juggernaught Abilities[]

Name Description Level
Battle Cry Grants a special ability that increases the rate of stamina regeneration for all team members n/a


Name Description Level
Defensive Stance You take less damage from all attacks, have a greater chance of avoiding attacks, but lower your damage. Being in Defensive Stance does not drain your stamina, however Actively Blocking / Avoiding Does. 15
Frenzy Stance This greatly increases your damage, but you take significantly more damage when attacked. 15


Name Description Level
Enduring Defense The Guardian takes less damage in battle, but also deals less damage. 20
Provoke The Guardian's attacks appear more threatening, although they actually inflict less damage than normal. 20
Unguarded Attack The Guardian increases the damage inflicted by their attacks, but lowers their maximum health. 20


Name Description Level
Intractable Mind The guardian has a chance of resisting effects like reduced movement, stuns, fears but are less able to evade. 40
Bolster The Line The guardian sacrifices mobility for more survivabilty. They increase their health but move slower. 40
Hold The Line Increases the guardians stamina regen but their attacks are less threatening. 40


Name Description Level
Wall Of Steel The guardian has an increased chance of avoiding attacks, but any attack that succesfully lands will cause you to suffer stamina loss. 60
Elusive Daring Increase damage inflicted by their attacks and the chance of resisting snare effects, but the guardian also suffers increased damage from enemy attacks. 60
Mental Barrier The guardian takes less damage from elemental damage, but more from physical attacks. 60

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