Friendly Spells[]

Name Description Level Mana
Arcane Abatement
  • This incantation increases resistance to cold damage of the herald's allies by suppressing and bending physical laws, dampening magic.
17 175
Burning Skull
  • A burning skull, a tortured remnant of one of Xotli's sacrificial victims, orbits the herald damaging any enemy striking the caster. The skull remains dormant for a short period after each manifestation.
50 265
Contract of Protection
  • The power of Xotli protects the herald and their party against damage, absorbing the first few points of damage from each hit. There is a maximum amount of damage that can be absorbed before the protection fails.
10 60
Demonic Fortitude
  • The herald converts some of their mana into stamina, draining their magical strength to improve their melee capabilities.
Demonic Supplification
  • By declaring underlying loyalty to Xotli, the duration of the next Desecrating Essence or Avatar of Xotli is increased.
Desecrating Essence
  • The herald becomes infused with the demonic essence of Xotli, increasing health, magical fire damage and melee fire damage. Nearby foes take constant damage.
04 65
Excultation of Xotli
  • This potent surge of might increases the herald's melee damage for a short time. Afterwards they suffer a period of reduced damage as a fatigue overcomes them.
45 303
Sign of Xotli
  • The heralds patron grants demonic toughness, increasing the defense rating of the herald. (This spell no longer exists. It was removed in patch 1.05 because it didn't fit into the new rpg stat system that Funcom implemented.)
10 56
Touch of Hell
  • The herald's attacks cause foes to suffer increased damage from slashing and fire attacks, the demonic warriors attacks of choice.
Undying Glory of Xotli
  • Should the herald die, Xotli restores them to life with their spell and melee damage increased as well as their health regen. This effect takes a significant time to refresh.

Hostile Spells[]

Name Description Level Mana
Dread Visage
  • Forces the enemy to run away in terror.
Fiery Enervation
  • The herald blasts foes around them with cursed infernal fires. It inflicts fire damage on nearby enemies, reduces the damage done by their attacks and makes them more susceptible to physical attacks.
55 715
Hellfire Breath
  • The herald's jaws extend and blast hellfire in a wide cone, dealing fire damage to any enemy in front of them.
01 78
  • Blasts enemies around the Herald with an intense searing wall of heat, lowering their damage output and causing them to take more damage from physical attacks.
Inferno Curse
  • This incantation curses nearby enemies. They suffer increased damage from fire attacks, making them susceptible to the fiery arsenal of the herald.
40 440
Word of Command
  • The mesmerizing quality of the herald's authoritative command, complimented by flashy effects, roots nearby enemies to the ground for a short time, preventing movement.
13 99

Combo Moves[]

Name Description Level Stamina
Molten Steel Slash
  • Infused with demonic power your attacks makes your enemies take extra slashing and fire damage.
07 22
Hell Strikes
  • This flourish of deadly blows can cut a man to pieces
05 30
Burn to Death
  • The herald briefly pauses to call upon his demon god then spins and strikes. The victim bursts into flames for a short time, becoming a screaming human torch. The herald grimly laughs at their agonized shrieks
15 76
Pillar of Infernal Flame
  • they stab it into the earth at their feet and call forth the fires of hell in a great pillar of flame
17 122
Hungering Flame
  • Sets your enemies on fire burning them alive.
24 75
I Eat Your Heart
  • When used against a minion the herald plunges a fist into the victim's chest, tears out their heart, feasts upon it and then throws it to the ground. Killing and consuming their enemy's heart heals the herald.
28 672

Archetype Spells


Class Spells

Mage NecromancerHerald of XotliDemonologist

Priest Bear ShamanPriest of MitraTempest of Set
Soldier ConquerorDark TemplarGuardian
Rogue BarbarianRangerAssassin