Spoiler Warning[]

Strom is the antagonistic leader of the Red Hand, the pirate group responsible for the blockade of Tortage. Further completion of the single player quests in Tortage (night) reveal that Strom is a puppet in the grand scheme of Thoth-Amon. Killing Strom is the final objective in the Tortage Destiny Quest, the completion of which unlocks travel to Tarantia and the rest of the Age of Conan territories.

In Fiction[]

Strom first appeared as the leader of the pirate ship The Red Hand, in the Robert E. Howard story, "The Black Stranger". His description is:

He was a big man, bare-headed, his tawny hair blowing in the wind. Of all the sea-rovers who haunted the Barachans, none was more famed for deviltry than he.