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The Theocracy of Stygia[]


The desert nation of Stygia, possibly the most ancient kingdom in the Hyborian mainland, is the birthplace, homeland, and domain of the Priesthood of Set. The entire kingdom is ruled by the clergy, with the closest devotee or disciple of Set having the single most influential rule throughout the Stygian territory. From the coast of the Western Sea to the shores of the River Styx, the power of Set’s snake-worshipping acolytes is supreme.

Although bordered by the dark-skinned Kushites, the cannibalistic Darfari to the south, and to the north by the influential merchant-traders of Shem, Stygia doesn't show fear towards its neighbors. So strict is their belief in Set that they view all outsiders as infidels or lower creatures who haven't yet discovered the truth in Set's knowledge. Outsiders are less fortunate than citizens, and only a shackle's clasp away from being a slave.

As with any arid kingdom, Stygia is a dry and desolate land where intense heat has claimed many unprepared travelers who have gone into the desert without enough food or water. Culled from this world by scorpions, serpents, raiders, and the very sand itself, few survive without native assistance. However, such an alliance is difficult to receive, as few natives trust or are allowed aid for those not of Stygian blood. While this discrimination can be detrimental for trade and commerce elsewhere, it's simply noted as fact here. As far as the theocracy and aristocracy of Stygia is concerned, they don't require trade from any outsiders.

Why do these outsiders continue to brave this prejudice and risk choking on sand or the thrust of an assassin's blade? Stygia is a rich land filled with treasure hidden away in tombs and catacombs scarred all across the desert, much of which lies in wait for a brave soul willing to risk the dark god's wrath by robbing graves or unearthing secrets. Magic is strong in Stygia, with promises of sorcery and witchcraft calling scholars or dabbling would-be warlocks from remote kingdoms. However, these travelers only return with a single spell or ritual after discovering an ancient crypt in Stygia.

A dark shadow has been cast across Stygia for centuries, taking many shapes as time progresses. Pharohs, warlords, beasts, and demons have risen up between the dunes to claim Stygia as their rightful home. While the faithful rule behind walls built by slaves which keep the wilderness at bay, there are countless miles of sand-swept dunes which give Stygia a number of locations for concealing treachery, death, knowledge, and untold adventure.


  • Stygia is derived from the adjective Stygian, which refers to the River Styx in Hades from Greek mythology.
  • Stygia is analogous to present history's Egypt.

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