• Real Name: King Sumuabi
  • Identity: Human, Shemite
  • Occupation: King of Akkharia
  • Group Membership: None
  • Affiliations: Karanthes, Zukula
  • Enemies: Unnamed royal army (possibly another State-Town in Shem)
  • Known Relatives: Othbaal (cousin)
  • Aliasas: None
  • Base of Operations: State-Town of Akkharia in the south of Shem
  • Powers/Abilities: None. He was a normal human but lead a fortified town.
  • History:

In the Hyborian Age, some years before the War for the Living Tarim, King Sumuabi was the King of the State-Town of Akkharia.

For a while he had at his service Zukala as court wizard. One day, Karanthes, priest of Ibis arrived in town. Zukala attacked Karanthes but the priest was protected by spells which Zukala couldn't break.

King Sumuabi banished Zukala from the town.

Karanthes built a Temple of Ibis in Akkharia.

At least 10 years after Zukala left the town, King Sumuabi started to gather mercenaries for a war. The Anaki people wanted to rebel against the royal government and Sumuabi wanted to help them. The news arrived to Buryat where Conan the Barbarian heard them.

Othbaal, Anakian and King Sumiabi's cousin, recruited men for the war. He spoke to the mercenaries arrived at Akkharia.

The Akkharian army moved to help the Anakian rebels against the royal army, Conan the Cimmerian was part of Sumuabi's volunteers.

Othbaal betrayed the rebels and the Akkharian forces too, who all were annihilated by the royal army with the exception of Conan who managed to flee.

Source(s): marvunapp