A skill for Soldier Archetypes gained around level 20. It offers more hate with a Soldier's attacks.

Taunt was removed in patch 3.03, when the skill system was reworked for the feat specalization system.

Enex (AOC Developer) wrote this on the Test Live forums(Backed up here because Funcom is going to delete the forums:

As mentioned in the patch notes, this skill no longer exists. We are aiming to phase out the skill system completely. Currently there's five skills remaining.

There seem to be a lot of speculations about how the taunt skill works. It is right that Taunt affected (base!) bonus hate from combos and will only(!) apply in def stance. The benefit of this skill initially at launch had value, but this is no longer the case. During the huge item and stat system revamp we did some fundamental changes to the hate system. The formula for the Taunt skill stayed the same. With the high increase of damage and new tools to affect the hate system, the effect of the Taunt skill has slowly been shrinking.

Right now the effect is almost impossible to notice. You can now assume that you always have the Taunt skill at 800 (Innate). Again, this very minor hate bonus will only apply in def stance.