• Real Name: Taurus
  • Identity: Human, Nemedian
  • Occupation: Thief
  • Group Membership: None
  • Affiliations: Conan the Cimmerian
  • Enemies: Yara
  • Known Relations: None
  • Aliases: Prince of Thieves
  • Base of Operations: Arenjun (Zamora)
  • Powers/Abilities: None. Taurus is a normal human but is highly trained and skilled in hiding, crawling, climbing, sneaking, lockpicking and all the activities a good thief should have. He knew how to use drugs derived from the black lotus, and he used a special rope.
  • History:


Taurus was a so brilliant a thief that he became famous as the Prince of Thieves.

Taurus, in Arenjun, heard about the "Heart of the Elephant" a great jewel of incalculable value, belonging to Yara, a dreadful sorcerer living in the Tower of the Elephant. Taurus decided to rob the jewel and prepared to the theft. He procured a powder derived from some black lotus, and a thin rope, made by the dead women's hairs taken at midnight.

The Tower of the Elephant contained two gardens, separated by hight walls. In the outer garden, guards circeled the tower to protect from intruders. The night of the theft Taurus entered the garden and killed one of the guards in the outer garden. Before he could climb over the wall to the inner garden he saw a man comming towards him. He soon realized that it wasn't a guard, but a thief like him. He met Conan the Cimmerian, and they agreed to steal the Heart of the Elephant together.

Climbing over to the inner garden, they noticed that lions guarded the inner garden. Taurus, being a much more experienced thief than Conan, came prepared for this. He blew some yellow-green powder created from black lotus, and the lions died silently. They proceeded to the tower, throwing a hook with a rope to the top of the tower to climb up. Suddenly they were attacked by a mute lion. Conan, acting just in time, managed to kill the lion.

The two climbed the tower. Its walls were full of shining stones, crystals and precious gems. But the two didn't stop because Taurus wanted to reach "The Heart of the Elephant", which was more valuable than all of the other gems put together. Once at the top, they saw a door on the roof. They proceeded to the door and opened it, seeing a room encrusted by great white jewels that iluminated the room birghtly. Taurus asked Conan to go and check that they had not been seen by any guards. Conan did as he was told, and Taurus proceeded into the room. Taurus was inside the room attacked by one of the guardians of Yara's treasure; a giant black spider. He managed to stuble out to the roof again to die in Conan's arms. His body was burried in the debris when the Tower of the Elephant crumbeled after the Heart of the Elephant was destroyed.

Taurus has no known connections to Taurus, younger son of Conan.

Source: Marvunapp