Tempest of Set
Permitted Races
One-handed Blunt
One-handed Edged
Thrown Weapons


Cloth Armor
Light Armor

Priest (archetype)
Lightning (Damage)
Thunder (Healing and Buffs)

The Tempest of Set is a priest class available to Stygians. Tempest of Set spells range from group healing to poisons to AoE attacks. For a list of spells, refer to the Tempest of Set spell list


These priests wield the awesome destructive might of Set, the snake god of Stygia.

This elder god, ancient when man was young, rewards his most faithful disciples with mighty powers, such as lightning strikes that can tear the tops from mountains or lay waste to entire regions.

These followers of Set are renowned for the obliteration and ruin that follows in their wake, but like other priests they have the power to heal en masse and restore life. As well as a variety of martial weapons, light armor, and shields, they can also wield magical talismans in the form of ancient tomes or the hearts of slain monsters.


Beside powerful (AoE- and group-based) healing spells Tempests of Set can use several offensive AoE- (Area of Effect) and crowd-control-spells to destroy their enemies. They are able to stun and root targets to avoid damage while casting their offensive lightning spells. Although the quantity of offensive spells is naturally lower compared to pure caster-classes, the ToS can compete in both Solo-PvE and PvP.

When grouping up with others ToS often act as healers, but the feat trees offer interesting catenations between damage- and heal-spells, IE increased mana regeneration or healing power when dealing spell-damage. So the gamestyle intended by the developers is a mixture of healing and damage-dealing. The main buff Mark of Set increases the maximum health of the caster's group.

The feat trees also contain several additional offensive and support spells.

Feat Trees[]

Tempests are often expected to heal.

The Thunder tree is strongly oriented towards AoE damage and healing. Thunder emphasizes augmenting the Tempests' healing spells to increase his allies damage, damage enemies, and heal for more. It also allows the Tempest to summon an Idol of Set, empowering allies and demoralizing enemies, and allows the Tempest to store a Life Spark which can return the Tempest to life if struck down in combat.

The Lightning tree is oriented towards a support dps-healer role and/or pvp play. This tree focuses more on range and burst damage with the Spark Storm effect as one of the core mechanics. The Spark Storm effect reduces the casting and channelling time of the ranged single target spell Lightning Sparks. The tree provides unique crowd control utilities like Cyclone of Set, Fangs of Set, Brain Spasms and Puppets of Set, furthermore it offers the Tempest and their allies new armor and spell penetration buffs like Force of Lightning and Lightning Storm Nimbus. Lightning increases the Tempests damage capabilities, can empower healing spells, and allow his allies to do additional electric damage and restore mana to the Tempest.


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