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The BreachEdit

In The Breach, players are asked to deal with a situation caused by an unprecedented event in the history of Khitai, something not seen in a hundred generations, not in all of history: There is a break in the Great Wall of Khitai !

The Hyrkanians can smell this wound in the belly of the beast from miles away, and their mouths water. Nekkhi Khan leads a war band into the great empire. Yet not all Hyrkanians agree with this self-proclaimed khan. Some say Khitai is a sleeping dragon. Some say now is not the time to wake it. When the news of a breach in the Great Wall reached the Hyrkanian settlements, it first resulted in a mass migration of Hyrkanian travelers and adventurers. Never before had there been a hole in the wall, and stories began to surface of what lay beyond: green forests, lush grasslands, rice pads as far as the eye could see, and a kind but reserved people. Most of it was just expectations, quickly adjusted as the first travelers returned.

Few made it through the breach, and even fewer came back. The ones who did told a tale of dreading wall guardians made of earth and bone, and weary sorcerers not always able to control them. As time went by, the attempts to cross the border became fewer, but still occasional war bands try to cross into the covert land, like just recently Nekhi Khan and his vicious warriors. The more peaceful Hyrkanians, following Menudsjin , see Khitai as a sleeping beast they don't want to wake. So the player will be tasked to stop and defeat Nekhi Khan before his war band brings the wrath of Khitai upon the Hyrkanians . Peace must be kept, and it will be up to the players to enter the Breach and face the dangers and evils that are literally pouring through as if the breach were an open wound in the land itself.


The Breach is a Soloable Dungeon Located in North-Eastern Gateway to Khitai(1335, 1180). The Breach provides characters with a sufficient amount of exp; combined with the Noble District Villas and the The Forgotten City , another soloable dungeon in Gateway to Khitai , they give a good amount of experience to help with the notorious gap in experience to 80. The dungeon scales with your level and requires you to be level 40-80. It's a very simple dungeon completable by lower geared characters. There are 3 bosses inside which drop Mastery Tomes and a green item. The bosses will occassionally drop a rare version of one of the greens they usually drop. *It resets every 20 hours.


The first boss will call all the nearby Hyrkranians, so you will need to clear them before engaging him.

The second boss will continually run to the middle of the room and summon a single add, make sure to pull him away from other mobs and dps him as quickly as you can.

The final boss requires you to undergo a trial before he becomes unlocked, simply defeat the first few waves while avoiding the circles on the ground casted by the boss which will do a knockback and sufficient damage. You can position yourself where the mobs you're fighting will be hit by the circle aoe while avoiding it yourself. After the boss is engaged simply do the latter and stay out of fire he will spawn on the ground.


  • The Upstart's Downfall - quest can be obtained from Menudsjin at his camp(708, 1089)
  • Worse than Death (repeatable) - quest can be obtained from Menudsjin at his camp(708, 1089)
  • Heart of the Breach (repeatable) - obtained at Menudsjin's camp from a cannibalistic merchant, Dair Usun.
  • Subduing the Sentinel (repeatable) - obtainable from Ju-yi, an NPC standing by the magic barrier behind the first boss, unlocks the next tier of the dungeon.


First Boss drops a random boe green.

Second boss drops either a melee dps or magic dmg ring sometimes rare.

Thrid boss drops a melee dps cloak or magic dmg cloak sometimes rare.

Ghostweave Drape is the rare magic damage cloak dropped by the third boss at level 80.

Cloak of Furor is the rare physical damage cloak dropped by the third boss at level 80.

Group Version Edit

First Boss:

Clear the area for trash mobs, tank and spank boss, he does some frontal damage spells, so dps should stay behind him. Everyone should run out of range when he casts Earth Blast, it's a big AOE damage spell. Tank can run away when the boss does some of his cone spells if low on health as they hurt.

On the first boss players can return to the fight if they die as the spawnpoint is just down the road, this is however not possible on later bosses.


  • Heal: Remove with Rogue's Tainted Weapons AA ability.

Unruly Kang Zai (Second Boss)

Start by clearing the area for mobs,pull the boss far away from his spawn location, at 75/50/25% he will spawn four adds in the center of the boss area. Kite the boss while the team CC and kill the 4 adds. He casts "Kang Zai awakening" when he spawns the 4 adds, it's a fairly long cast(if you pull the boss far away up to the entrence wall, there will be few or no adds).


Loot: Coil of the Kang Zai, Wreath of the Unruly, Band of the Rampaging

Nekki Khan: (Third Boss)

Everyone should have particles on, be carefull when entering boss room as a wall goes up when going just a little inside, everyone should enter at the same time.Nekki Khan does Crushing Physical Damage.

First there will be 3 waves of adds coming at the team, CC them and run away from the spike particles that spawn as they hurt when fully spawned.

Dps the adds down, or let the spikes kill them off. after 3 waves the boss will be released and the second part begins. Tank & spank the boss but move away from fire particles that he spawns as they doe AOE damage.

The loot includes a upgraded version of the cloaks from the solo version and some blue armor pieces.

Cloaks: Cloak of Furor, Brawler's Steelsilk Cloak, Ghostweave Drape

Armor: Walker's Bracers of the Far Horizon, Walker's Bracers of the Four Winds,Walkers Vambraces of the Mound, Walker's Bracers of the Plains