This is one of the many In-game Promotions. Members of our community will get a special in-game item for one of the nicest perks in Hyboria.

We're pleased to officially reveal the secret item granted to Clan of Conan members and bring you the first images of the Drinking Cape.

In addition to looking stylish in the tavern and impressing all the wenches, the Drinking Cape comes with the best perk in Hyboria: free drinks for life.

Drinking is not only a fun way to get to know your friends and pick up wenches (or man-wenches, if that's your thing), it also is a key component in the Drunken Brawling PvP minigame. Those who don the Drinking Cape before strutting into the tavern get free drinks for life, meaning they can brawl to their drunken heart's content in all the taverns of Hyboria without losing any money. It's all the benefits of drinking with none of the side effects, truly a wonderous thing to the barbarian's heart.

The Drinking Cape features a leopard skin lining to keep you warm once you're thrown out into the cold night, while its stylish insignia lets everyone know that they're about to take on a world-class drinker, fighter, and all around awesome person, be it in the tavern brawl, stumbling home afterwards, or on the battlefield.

The item for the Clan of conan is still undecided at the moment but may be this. This so far only comes with the collecters edition. But actually some of the buyers of the normal aoc game package got this item to!

The Drinking Cape is only available to members of the Clan of Conan who sign up before the launch of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.