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Legend tells of a great Lemurian admiral who long ago discovered the secret of eternal life. It was by mere luck that he found the answer to this divine riddle, which was never meant to be solved by any mortal. But the stories speak of how the admiral found and kept the source of immortality some six thousand years ago!

With knowledge came greed. The Lemurian admiral feared that his secret could be stolen away from him by rivals or by those of royal blood. So he decided not to return to Lemuria but to build a great city to protect and hide the source of everlasting life from the rest of the world and to keep it only to himself and his loyal followers. So it came to pass that the Lemurian admiral proclaimed himself king and had his loyal subjects build a city. A city that survived the great cataclysm that wiped out the rest of the Lemurian society from the face of the world. And so the great city and its secret was forgotten in time.

But there are people who have learned of the Forgotten City once again in present times. And they know about the secret it holds. They want to learn about immortality and rip the answer from the Lemurian king at all costs! So they look for able men and women to travel to the remote location of the Forgotten City and breach its sealed gates. What dangers lie behind, nobody knows. But it is certain that the open courtyards and once splendid buildings of the city are inhabited with life that has been there for thousands of years. Who knows? Some of these creatures might even welcome death after such a long time of living. Are you ready to grant them their wish?


The Forgotten City is a Soloable Dungeon Located in Northern Gateway to Khitai(642, 1425). The Forgotten City provides characters with a sufficient amount of exp; combined with the Noble District Villas and the The Breach , another soloable dungeon in Gateway to Khitai, they give a good amount of experience to help with the notorious gap in experience to 80. The dungeon scales with your level and requires you to be level 40-80. It's a very simple dungeon completable by lower geared characters. There are 3 bosses inside which drop Mastery Tomes and a green item. The bosses will occassionally drop a rare version of one of the greens they usually drop. *It resets every 20 hours.

Normal Mode Strategy:Edit

The first boss does an occassional Aoe with a long cast time, simply run out the spell's range(There is a red circle outlining the area if particles are on).

The second boss does some sort of knockback tornado, avoid being near the cliffs.

There is a group of mobs before the final boss which need to be debuffed before engaging them, simply interact with the nearby tree and they will be debuffed.

The final boss is a tank n spank with a knockback followed by him running to a nearby altar to heal himself, simply right click and interact with the altar to stop him. After he is dead attack the chest in front of the tree to claim your loot. You can then leave the instance by a vine type ladder where the boss was standing initially.


  • Revealing the Forgotten - obtained at Menudsjin's camp from a Stygian sorceress, Akana(659, 1117)
  • Older Than Memory (repeatable) - quest can be obtained outside the instance from a shady merchant named Jiuling
  • What Was Once Forgotten (repeatable) - obtained at Menudsjin's camp from a Stygian sorceress, Akana(659, 1117)
  • The Price of Eternity (repeatable) - obtainable by picking up Discarded Journal in the hallway behind the first boss


First Boss drops a random bow green.

Second boss drops either a melee dps or magic dmg ring sometimes rare.

Third boss drops a melee dps neck or magic dmg neck sometimes rare.

Loot from third boss: rare +magic dmg necklace at lvl 80: Lacunal Nexus, and Collar of Havoc is the melee dps necklace.

  • All bosses drop Mastery Tomes.


In Patch 3.3.5 a new Hardmode was added to the Forgotten City. It's only available at level 80, trash mobs have increased to level 83 and the bosses have some new abilities and are a little harder. This hardmode is not as hard as Isle of Iron Statues or Refuge of the Apostate, and only reward a single Rare Trophy compared to 2-6 in the other solo dungeons.

The loot from trash mobs and bosses have also changed, trash mobs don't drop old world loot in hardmode, but instead drop Khitai pouches and esteem tokens.

Eki the Sentinel (First boss):

Basic Tactic: Tank and spank, but run away(or hide) from Massive Strike, and hide around pillar on Blood Leach, just tank the remaing attack types as they only do medium damage.

His normal attacks are Slashing damage.

  • Massive Strike: Huge Fire based hit, does 5-8k fire damage, run out of range or hide behind a pillar.
  • Blood Leach: Channeling spell that does damage, hide behind pillar to avoid it. 500-1k dmg each hit.
  • Devastating Strike: Does 400-800 Crushing damage.
  • Ground Shockwave: Does 300-600 Crushing Damage.

Loot: 1xFlask of Completion,1-2xPatroller's Kit , some random minor potions, esteem tokens.

High Oracle Youji (Second Boss):

While approaching Youji, you'll notice that you recive a debuff "Weakend resistance V" that reduces your unholy migtation with 80%, as you get closer to the boss this debuff is reduced, and completly removed when you stay in melee range.

Basic Tactic: Run up to him and dps in melee range to avoid the unholy debuff, and just dps him down. It's usefull to wear protection gear, don't position yourself so you can be knocked off the cliff. Use your bubbles before the two attacks that hit the most(Dark Judgement & Raging Tyhoon)

  • Raging Typhoon, Knocks you back, area effect that charges down the path to the boss doing 1k-2k Frost damage.
  • Flames of faith: Tiny amounts of unholy damage, usually 80-100 each hit, also debuff you with -2% unholy migtation for 12 seconds.
  • Dark Judgement, Does 1500-2000 Unholy Damage.

Loot: 1xFlask of Completion,1-2xPatroller's Kit 1xRandom Elixir potion, and a chance at a rare quality ring.

Rings: Band of Bloodthirst, Wreath of Ether

Aiji the Unending (Last boss):

Basic Tactic: Dps the boss, follow him around when he runs to the altars and click the altar before he finishes his altar spell.

His normal hits does Slashing damage for 150-250 each hit.

  • Unstable Energy: Nuke that hits for 2k-4k holy damage, stop the cast by clicking the altar.
  • Infusion of light: Heals himself, prevent by clicking the altar.
  • Reckless abandon: Does 500-700 Slashing damage.
  • Bruised hits : It's a debuff you get when the boss knock you down before he runs for the altar, it does -3% of your health every second for 10 seconds.

Loot: 1xRare Trophy ,2xImperial Chest , 1xFlask of Direction, 1-2xPatroller's Kit and one random necklace.

Necklaces: Pendant of Preservation, Pendant of Blessing, Collar of Havoc, Collar of Vigor, Lacunal Nexus