The Prison Colony is a group oriented area for those around level 64-70. You will need a group to complete the tasks within this area. Trying to do it alone will almost certainly result in your death. While venturing in this area it is important to watch your step. The Prison Colony is on a high cliff and one misstep will send you to a very long falling and death.


Criminals of all sorts call the Thunder River Prison home. Zeno, a prisoner within the colony was given great power by the sorcerer Thoth Amon in the form of a ring of power. General Lupercus remains powerless to stop him. To make matters worse, there is a mad prophet bending the prisoners will to suit his own intent. This can make for a lucrative hunting ground for a mercenary looking to collect a few bounties.

Bosses Edit

Map of prison colony

Pirson Colony bosses do not drop Rare quality items, instead all of them are part of quests, which can be accepted at the entrance of this open instance.

  • Cannibal Prophet - Standing in the top left corner of the map.</li>
  • Gordian the Crusher - Patrolling along the line in the middle of the map.</li>
  • Zeno - Hiding in a cave in the bottom left corner of the map.</li>
  • Merula - At the plateau in the bottom right corner of the map.</li>

    Quest NPCs

    There are several quest NPC's at the entrance of the Prison Colony in the top right corner of the screen, and 2 located in the Colony it self.

  • Ettor - Quest giver, standing in the bottom right corner of the map.</li>
  • Famian - Quest goal, you have to climb the vines, at the left edge of the map.</li>