Thog is an ancient demon-god worshipped in the hidden city of Xuthal. Thog was a large, octopus-like creature who crept in the darkness to devour the Xuthalans.

Thog dwelt within a sunken dome in the center of Xuthal. It was said that he had always dwelt in Xuthal. Although, whether he came there with the ancient founders, or was there when they built the city is unknown. The citizens of Xuthal worshiped him despite the fact that at irregular intervals he would grow hungry, and then slither through the secret corridors or dim-lit chambers of the city, seeking prey, whereupon none were safe from his predations.

Conan the Cimmerian encountered Thog during the barbarian's visit to Xuthal. The demon-god was possibly killed by Conan, although he didn't linger around to determine if this was so or not. Nonetheless, Thog inflicted tremendous damage on the Cimmerian during their fight.


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