Earth’s most powerful sorcerer, Lord of the Black Ring and the speaker of Set, this imposing dusky-skinned man leads the snake god’s cult in Stygia.

Though a master sorcerer, it is the horrifying powers of Set that help raise him above his Stygian brethren to his unassailable position of power. His dominating will and lust for power are bolstered by his fervent faith and fed by his insidious god.



Thoth-Amon is the mastermind behind the events of the Age of Conan main storyline. He is also the sworn foe of Kalanthes the Ibis priest (though their hatred goes far beyond their service to different gods, and may be more personal due to their past history.)


Thoth-Amon was reputed to be the most powerful sorcerer of the Hyborian Era. However, for a number of reasons his powers waxed and waned. At times he has possessed virtually limitless power, and at others he could only manage a few simple tricks. Apparently, with time and preparation, he can amass large amounts of power. He has been shown to transfer his mind into that of lesser creatures, project his essence across great distances to contact others, project bolts of magical force and form shields, levitate objects, animate inanimate objects, mentally manipulate others, teleport, and summon and control demonic creatures. A large degree of his powers were dependant on his Serpent Ring, a power source apparently tied to Set.