Real Name: Thulsa Doom

Identity/Class: Human sorcerer, deceased/resurrected

Occupation: Would be World Conqueror, former King of Valusia

Affiliations: Set (god); Serpent Men (agents); Devourer of Souls (former ally), Xuthl (ally),Yarralamundu (ally) Varnae and other pre-cataclysmic wizards (contemporaries, possible allies) Kuchum, Shiva (pawns); Garn-Nak, Karr-Lo-Zann, Norra (Torrannians, pawns); Nakura (drew power from his talisman)

Enemies:Brule the Spear-Slayer, Conan, Devourer of Souls, Jandlinatjari, Kuchum, Kull, Li-Zya, Thoth-Amon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Ardyon, King Fenar (Imposter), Ka-Nu (Imposter), Kuthulos (Imposter), Shapur (Imposter)

Base of Operations: currently unknown; (Pre-Cataclysmic era) Grondor; The Serpent Temple in the Forbidden Swamp, The City of Wonders (both within Valusia); Torranna (Hyborian era); Arallu (The Land of the Evil Dead)

Powers: Thulsa Doom was an extremely powerful sorcerer, although his abilities did wax and wane under uncertain conditions. He has survived several "deaths" and cannot be killed by conventional means. He can form powerful energy shields, project his astral self, alter his own appearance, manipulate others, grant magical power to others, and is a clairvoyant.

History: Thulsa Doom's origins are unknown. He claims to have died "his first death" before the ancient continent of Atlantis first rose from the sea. This may make him closer to 25 or even 100,000 years old.