Thunder River
Level 60-70
Region Aquilonia
Type Adventure Region
Connections Poitain

Old Tarantia

Dungeons The Slaughterhouse Cellar
The Prison Colony

"Cimmeria is an unforgiving region; below its cold, gray sky, much of the land is unforgiving tundra and mountains populated by barbarian tribes savage enough to fend off enemies such as Pictish invaders, Vanir raiders and armies from the Border Kingdoms. Even outside the frequent times of war, the land attracts individuals wanting to test the strength of their arms, the swiftness of their blades, their skill with bows or spears, and the power of their magic against fierce beasts, murderous cannibals and myriad other dangers. Perhaps it's natural that the area gave birth to a warrior whose name has become legendary..."


The Thunder River is the eastern border of the Westermarck. It was the first western border of Aquilonia until the royal army pushed back the Picts and now claim the Black River as the new western border of Aquilonia.

The Thunder River runs North-South on the far Western side of Hyboria, and is joined by the Shirki River before flowing into the Western Ocean.

His Majesty King Conan
The Royal Palace
Tarantia, Aquilonia
Captain Parsis Lecto

Thunder River

My King,

It is with a heavy heart I must relate to you the gravest of news. The contingent of Black Dragons you sent to reinforce the Aquilonian soldiers stationed at Thunder River has been lost to a man. I write you this letter in the hope it will reach you before more lives are thrown away on a war we cannot win. The enemy comes. Know one final thing, Sire. Before we fall, we will wash the soil of our homeland red with the blood of the invaders.

My 50 Black Dragon soldiers were ambushed on no fewer than six occasions as we journeyed north, each time suffering losses that - while minor - soon took their toll. We were but 50 men, Sire. Even the Black Dragon elite are no match for the hordes of Pictish savages and the armies of brigands marching across this poisoned land. All a man's skill with a blade and formation fighting avail him nothing if he faces three foes for each one he kills.

At the moment of writing, seven of us remain among the living. We are pinned in a cave network not far from the fortress controlled by our forces, but a veritable forest of bloody spears stands between us and salvation. We hear their war drums, Sire. We hear their howls. They will come for us soon.

All that remains is to sell our lives dearly. Two of my remaining men are to be stripped of their armour and serve as message runners. The first is Learchus, my swiftest runner. He will ensure this letter reaches your hands, my liege. The second man, Kalratha, will seek to break through to the fortress ahead and take word to General Lupercus there. If he runs like the north wind, we may yet be alive by the time the general reinforces us.

In death, we may offer some knowledge to you. The peasants here warn of sorcery in the very waters of Thunder River itself. The island of prisoners in the middle of the river, our point of exile for Aquilonia's darkest-hearted criminals, has fallen into barbarism and madness. Black magic in the prison island's drinking water has driven the inhabitants far from reason. "Don't drink the water," the people of the villages said to us as we marched. A common warning in this land.

We are not fated to meet again in this life, so I would beg a favour from you. My last wish. Please give my regards to Commander Pallantides, and give him my word that it was the greatest honor of my life to wear the Dragon of Aquilonia on my breast in battle beside you both.

The enemy comes. Know one final thing, Sire. Before we fall, we will wash the soil of our homeland red with the blood of the invaders.
For the Throne.
For the Dragon.

Captain Parsis Lecto
Posted to Thunder River

Available Quests[]

Eiglophian Mountains[]

Supplies from Cian - 30156 XP + 3S 37C 21T + 3 [Daggamalt]


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