The trader is an NPC you can speak to. By doing so you will get access to several things that you can buy, also you will get an tab where you can put in things for sale. Very similar to an Auction House. The trader is also the postmaster for the game's Postal Service

You can put weapons, gear, potions etc for sale to other players in Age of Conan through a Trader. Or you can also buy things through a Trader from other players. A Trader can be found in every city, first found in Tortage, near the Thirsty Dog Inn, next to several other NPC's.

Trader Locations



Nation Zone City Location
Barachan Isles Barachan Isles Tortage In the courtyard outside the Thirsty Dog Inn.
Cimmeria Conarch Village Conarch Village Between the Tanner and the Wayfarer of Asura.
Aquilonia Old Tarantia Old Tarantia Lion's Market Area, next to the res point.
Stygia Khemi Khemi At the end of the street full of other traders
Khitai Chosain Pr. Shaulun Near the NW entrance.


Northern Grass.

Pin-Pin Center
Paikang Heaven's Lake


Coast of Ardashir Ardashir
Khitai Kara Korum Fengdu