Treasury of the Ancients is a Dungeon located in the eastern region of Khopshef Province near the Pyramid of the Ancients.

Treasury of the Ancients
Level 38 - 40
Treasury of the Ancients
Region Stygia
Zone Khopshef Province

End Boss Archaic Queen Statue
Player Limit 1


Quest Name Quest Giver Quest Zone
Fascinating Faces Ziyad Khopshef Province
The Eyes of the Dead Cartographer Purple Lotus Swamp
The Roots of the Earth Kayires Khopshef Province
The Troubles of Thutmekri Thutmekri Treasury of the Ancients
Lusts of the Flesh Thutmekri Treasury of the Ancients


  • Thutmekri


Boss Weapons & Shields Cloth Armor Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Items
Archaic Queen Statue

Dungeon Denizens[]

  • Archaic Statue (38)
  • Splinters of Hatred (39) [Minion]
  • Thutmekri (39)
  • Archaic Queen Statue (39)


The dungeon is small, consisting of an entry chamber with a res point in an adjoining room, a long, statue-filled hallway and a chamber at the end containing the end boss, another statue, this one of some ancient queen. When you approach the end of the corridor, the scren will shake and a barrier will go up across the entry to the final chamber. The statues will slowly animate and attack the player(s); soloing this at level can be tough for some classes when fighting two statues at a time. Defeating the statues will drop the items for Facinating Faces.

Once you defeat all ten statues, the final barrier will drop and you can face the Archaic Queen Statue; she'll start off yellow/neutral, so you can choose the time of engagement; talk to Thutmekri first to get The Troubles of Thutmekri, which you'll need to return to the dungeon to complete.

The Archaic Queen herself is easily soloable; the statues are soloable but hard to defeat in quantity, and you don't get a lot of rest time between them. Stealh-proficient characters can use this to help manage the fights more easily.

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