The main interface is the screen you will see and interact with the most during gameplay.


Main Interface with help pointers


Main interface


Aoc inventory

Inventory bag

Inventory is broken up into three subgroups.

  • Bag (Potions, Armor, etc.)
  • Resource (Crafting Items)
  • Quest (Quest Items)

Most Items are stackable (up to 10)

Shield Indicators[]


Shield Indicators

Current implementation shows that there are shield indicators to the sides and above your targets.

  • No shield showing means little / no defense if you attack from that angle.
  • 1 Shield showing means some damage reduction in effect, IE: Shields / Armor / Weapon adding a deflection bonus or whatever it happens to be.
  • 2 Shields showing means that there is a higher damage reduction if you attack from that side/angle, suggestion in this case? Go for the spot with 1 or no shields.
  • 3 Shields showing indicate the highest defense and least vulnerable spot to attack your enemy from.
Dev Quote on Topic: Jayde posted some information, that these shields are here to stay. However you will be able to tweak the settings and make them more transparent. However making them completely invisible is akin to making yourself blind.