Veteran Points and Rewards[]

Veteran Points are points awarded to each character, based on the total amount of time subscribed to Age of Conan. Even if you un-sub, and then resubscribe later, the balance carries over (although you don't get any for the time in between subscriptions of course). The Veteran Rewards give players who have subscribed to the game for a certain amount of time a wide choice of different rewards to choose from. From exciting new pets to useful new equipment, the rewards are many and you have the power to choose. The rewarded Veteran Points also increase after every six-month period so even more points are gained the longer a player has been loyal to the game.

  • 1 - 6 months : 6 points
  • 7 - 12 months : 8 points
  • 13 - 18 months : 10 points
  • 19 - 24 months : 12 points
  • etc..

The Quartermasters / Veteran Reward Vendor NPCs, where Veteran rewards can be purchased with these points, are found in Old Tarantia near the Great Library, in Khemi at the harbor, and in Conarch Village near the Aquilonian Tradepost.

Veteran Rewards Items[]

Numerous items can be purchased with Veteran Points. But be careful! Once spent they cannot be recovered, unless more subscription time is purchased.


OT Path1.jpg


Khemi Path1.jpg Path: KHEMI
Conarch Path1.jpg Path: CONARCH VILLAGE

Path.jpg Path: Fire Beacon Lookout
Path.jpg Path: Hunting Lodge
Path.jpg Path: Prison Colony
Path.jpg Path: Iron Tower
Path.jpg Path: Kheshatta City
Path.jpg Path: The Lair
Path.jpg Path: Shaulun

Veterans Path1.jpg Veteran's Path

Skills / Abilities[]

Basic Riding1.jpg

Basic Riding Training

(Item lvl 40)

Basic Riding1.jpg

Advanced Riding Training

(Item lvl 80)



Veterans Cape1.jpg

Veteran's Cape (Epic lvl 40 Item)

+ 50 Non Combat Health Regen, Mana Regen & Stam Regen

Veterans Boots1.jpg

Veteran's Boots (Rare lvl 1 Social Item)

10% Out of Combat Movement Speed

Veterans Bag1.jpg

Veteran's Bag (Item lvl 1 Backpack)

35 Additional Slots