Rank Level Mana Cost Damage
1 5 113 53-87/s for 5s
2 30 498 88-146/s for 10s
3 55 762 151-250/s for 10s
4 80 923 160-266/s for 10s

This spell is very good to damage melee opponents that rush to you several at a time, provided it doesn't get interrupted. It is possible for the demonologist using this spell to turn around to change the direction of the spell, but any other movemement will interrupt the spell.

Waves of Flame
Waves of flame icon
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Channeling Hostile Self Centered Area Spell

Casting Time Every 1 second for 5-10 seconds
Attack Rating Fire Specialization
Recast 4 seconds

Channeling Waves of Flame 90 degree out, 5m

This fiery evocation shoots a cone of fire that burns any enemies standing in its path.