A weapon is a tool which can be used to kill or incapacitate, to destroy property, or to otherwise render resources non-functional or unavailable. It may be used to attack and defend, and consequently also to threaten or protect.

Types of weapons[]


Talismans are better characterized as tools rather than weapons, as they can't be used to physically hit the target. The same with ammunition which requires bows to do damage, such as Arrows for bows and Bolts for crossbows. Shields can sort of be called for a weapon, although that requires certain Comboes on certain classes, where some of these comboes actually requires a shield in order to be used. Other than that they only work as tools with defensive enhancements. All of these items; talismans, arrows, bolts and shields can only be used in Off-Hand by certain classes, except for Demonologists who can use talismans in both main hand and off-hand for their stats only.

Weapon Modifiers[]

In addition to the plain varieties of weapons available, both weapons and armor with additional characteristics is available. Types identified so far include (The effect description in this list is no longer useful as of the rewamp):

Type Effect Description
Deft + Dexterity
Dense + Piercing Invulnerability
Enlightening + Intelligence
Fortifying + Constitution
Frenzied + Offhand Chance
Imbued + Max Mana
Invigorating + Max Stamina
Mighty + Strength
Mocking + Hate
Purifying + Poison Invulnerability
Rejuvenating + Natural Stamina Regeneration
Replenishing + Natural Mana Regeneration
Repletive + Non-Combat Mana Regeneration
Revitalizing + Non-Combat Health Regeneration
Sagacious + Wisdom
Salubrious + Non-Combat Stamina Regeneration
Somatic + Health
Tempestuous + Electrical Damage
Tenacious + Slashing Invulnerability
Traveler's + Out of Combat Movement Speed
Umbral + Hideing
Unyielding + Crushing Invulnerability
Vexing + Taunt
Vitalic + Natural Health Regeneration
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