General Information[]

This profession will allow a character to gather resources such as [Cotton] and its associated rare harvest, [Cottonwisp]. Other cloth resources are not harvested from plants as Cotton is, but rather dropped by mobs in the game. These resources include: [Silk] and [Ironsilk] and their rares, [Tussah Silk] and [Gossamer Silk]. All materials are used in the Armorsmithing profession.

The harvesting quests are divided into 6 tiers, each with level requirements.

Tier Level Item Needed Quantity
1 20 [Cotton] 20
2 20 [Cottonwisp] 1
3 50 [Silk] 20
4 50 [Tussah Silk] 1
5 70 [Ironsilk] 20
6 70 [Gossamer Silk] 1


Acquiring Resources[]

  • First visit the Resource and Gathering Nodes page and install the XML file. This will make gathering a whole lot easier as it displays harvesting nodes.
  • For Cotton, each collection attempt will draw 10% of resources available on the plant, and for Cottonwisp each collection will draw 20% of available resources. Resources gain 1% per minute (or thereabouts).
  • Being guilded gives your character access to their guild instance, which is shared across three guilds. Compared to the regular instance where anyone can enter, only guild members can access this instance. Therefore, nearly all the time they will be alone or with another person in the zone, greatly increasing the amount of resource available to harvest.

Cotton (Level 20+)[]

Cottonwisp (Level 20+)[]

  • These appear on the same cotton shrubs as before but have a very low chance of appearing (somewhere between one in fifty and one in a hundred).

Silk (Level 50+)[]

  • Silk only drops from level 50-59 humanoid enemies.
  • If you are in this level range, then a good bet is the Villas in the Noble District.
  • If your character is above this level range, the Field of the Dead seems to be the best area to hunt. The Cannibal Cave in the Eiglophian Mountains are also good.

Tussah Silk (Level 50+)[]

  • Tussah Silk has the same sources as Silk so hunt in the same areas.
  • Drop rates seem to be around 1 in 50.

Ironsilk (Level 70+)[]

  • Ironsilk drops from level 65+ humanoid enemies.
  • Kheshetta is a very good place to collect Ironsilk. Villas in the Tarantia Noble District are also good if you want solitude.

Gossamer Silk (Level 70+)[]

  • Gossamer Silk drops from the same mobs as Ironsilk but with about a 1:100 chance to drop.