“Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures” is first and foremost a MMO, which means that you can expect to explore a vast and detailed gameworld filled with content, but it also gives you a unique entry into the world through a single-player experience at the start.

In the MMO world you find thousands of other adventurers, and you can fight them, join them or avoid them. By joining forces with others you can face the dangers of the world together, and thus harvest treasures protected by mighty monsters only groups of players can ever hope to bring down. Besides bringing the most brutal combat experience ever seen in a MMO, Conan also promises to deliver what all fans of MMOs love and enjoy. Vast character customization opportunities, a deep character creation, lots of social opportunities, crafting, a deep and fun RPG system, exciting classes, lots of exploration, and tons of PvP and PvE are some of the ingredients in this powerful MMO.

At the same time, “Age of Conan” advances the genre by adding a single-player experience to the mix. When starting out the first time you go through a deep story-driven campaign with exciting environments and challenging, interactive quests. Starting out as a galley slave you eventually strand on the burning beaches of the Barachan Isles, with nothing but a broken ore and tattered clothes. In the next hours you embark on a story tailored to you, and you alone. That means going through a cinematic and riveting experience that you have never seen in an MMO before! When your character is ready, you will face even greater challenges in the larger Hyborian world. Enter a massive online world populated with thousands of other players Explore Hyboria in groups and guilds or play solo Become a part of the political life on your server, form guilds, construct cities and declare war on other guilds Emerge as a hero from the story-driven single-player experience and embark into even greater adventure in the massively multiplayer part of the game The MMO and single-player experience go hand in hand, so even the start of the game requires you to be online

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