I'm completely new to this – who is Conan?[]

Conan is a fantasy character created by author Robert E. Howard. Howard wrote a series of stories during the 1930's which took place in the fictional world of Hyboria, where the protagonist was a mighty and fearsome barbarian called Conan. The Howard stories all follows Conan’s life as he evolves from a young warrior and thief to finally become king of Aquilonia, the mightiest nation of Hyboria. In the past seventy years or so, there have been a multitude of books, comic magazines and even movies based off this popular license. Today the Conan name stands stronger than ever, and he is considered to the world’s greatest fantasy hero.

What part of the Conan lore is the game based on?[]

We're basing the game primarily on the original works of Robert E. Howard, but we're also drawing upon over seventy years of books and comics. The game itself plays out shortly after the events that are described in the story “Hour of the Dragon”, which is considered to be one of Howards’ finest novels. In this world, filled with cruel gods, mythical creatures, lost civilizations and a struggling human race, the mighty barbarian has finally seized the throne as king of Aquilonia.

What steps are you taking to staying true to the original Conan lore?[]

Staying true to the Conan lore is vital for Funcom, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that we are true to it. Not only are most of the developers huge fans of the Conan universe, they are also avid consumers of the novels, comics and even films. We even have specific lore persons internally, as well as working together with other companies in the Conan universe, like Moongoose Publishing, Penguin books and Dark horse comics. This means that we can ensure consistency in the world. In addition Conan Inc., the license holders of Conan, are involved in the development to aid us on creating the world as true to the lore as it can be.

Will any of the nudity and erotic material of the Conan lore feature in the game?[]

Many characters will certainly be scantly clad and we are staying true to Robert E. Howard's sensual vision of the world. However, there will be no obvious nudity quite simply because we have to stick to certain rules regarding the rating process. While Age of Conan is indeed the first mature MMO, pushing our luck here could risk us getting an Adult Only rating, which we certainly don't want. That said, we embrace our mature rating.

Will I be able to meet Conan?[]

Yes, you can meet him. Conan is the king of Aquilonia though, and he will certainly not open his doors to just anyone. He sits upon his throne in the capitol city of Tarantia, and depending on the nature of your actions you may just be able to meet him in his royal palace one day. Conan is very much present in the game, and he is a central character in the storyline of the game, and you may even see him walking out on his balcony to greet the people far below on the streets.. You will not, however, be able to take on the role of Conan.

Are there any other known characters present in the game?[]

Yes, there are many known characters in the universe. We have truly tried to sample the history of Conan, so you can expect to meet many of both his friends and foes. Characters such as Thoth-Amon, Kalanthes and Zenobia are all present in the game. We are working very hard to make sure that you get the ultimate Conan experience in our game, and an important part of that is to give you the chance to truly explore the Conan lore in all its brutal glory.

Are there any specific locations in the lore that will be present in the game?[]

Yes, absolutely. We're including areas where entire books and stories have taken place, but we're also aiming to include areas that have not been so elaborately covered in the lore. Players will indeed get the opportunity to visit places such as Tortage, the Bossonian Marches, Tarantia, the Sand Dunes, the Eiglophian Mountains and so on, and there will be plenty of areas to explore. We will reveal more and more regions as we come closer to launch (but not all of them as we want the players to get some surprises). If you have any experience with the Conan lore, we hope you will immediately feel at home when you step into this amazing gameworld.

What's more important – sticking to the lore or making a fun game?[]

Although the lore is very important to us, we also have to consider that we are making a game, and games are all about being fun. We are thus trying to strike a fine balance, but it’s always with the lore in mind.

Slavery is prominent in the Conan lore – is this true for the game?[]

There are computer-controlled slaves, yes, and some slavery is present in the world, but you can not, for instance, have other players as slaves. We are aware that the world was a different place when the original Conan stories were written in the 1930’s. This means that we have taken certain measures, like in for instance the racism aspects, to make it more modern. Howard tied the races in his world to real cultures and their stereotypes, and stereotypes chance with time. We are well aware of how all the lore fits in as a part of the world, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn’t be careful and tasteful about how things are presented.

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