What does PvP mean?[]

The term PvP is an acronym for player-versus-player, which basically describes combat between players. The opposite of PvP would be PvE, or player-versus-environment which is used to describe combat between the player and a computer-controlled entity. You will find lots of both PvP and PvE in Age of Conan.

Will the Real Time Combat System also be present in PvP combat?[]

Yes, the Real Combat System is how we handle combat throughout the entire game. When fighting with other players you still use the same rules and dynamics as when fighting computer-controlled enemies. To prevent exploits there may be certain limitations.

So I will be able to fight other players?[]

Yes, of course. Age of Conan have a deep PvP system where you can tests your skills against other players in different kinds of modes and environments. There will be three main PvP modes in the game, Siege PvP, PvP mini-games and drunken brawling.

Can everyone attack anyone or are the limitations?[]

Fighting between players is consensual because it is limited to certain areas of the game world. If you want to avoid player-versus-player combat, all you have to do is avoid these areas. The Border Kingdom is the main region for the massive PvP combat, and here player guilds will fight over ownership of battlekeeps. We may also add free for all PvP servers if there is a sufficient amount of players who wants this. We have built the technology to launch free for all PvP servers should there be a demand.

What is the Border Kingdom?[]

King Conan has opened up for expansion into the bothersome Border Kingdom that lies north of Aquilonia, and several individuals in his court will thus sponsor settlements in this region. This means that the players can set up their own persistent castle, or battlekeep as we call them, in these areas. The battlekeep must be defended against other guilds that want these highly lucrative areas. The Border Kingdom are, in general, a deadly place where you are wise to tread carefully.

So the Border Kingdom is the only place for PvP?[]

No, there are other areas to engage in player-versus-player combat. You can, for instance, pick a fight at a tavern once you get drunk enough, or you can get involved in mini-games in the arenas. But generally other players will not be able to harm you outside the Border Kingdom unless you want them to.

Will there be a PvP server?[]

There will be a Role playing PvP server. [1]

Then what are battlekeeps?[]

Battlekeeps are structures that players can build and maintain in the Border Kingdom. Throughout the Border Kingdom there is a limited amount of areas where battlekeeps can be built. Because of the limited amount of space, other guilds will most surely come and try to take it away from you or even destroy it completely through the use of siege engines such as catapults. By using collected resources such as iron, stone and wood, players can build upon these battlekeeps, constructing walls and even stables to house the cavalry. It is also possible to add computer-controlled guards to these.

But won’t only the large guilds have the manpower to own battlekeeps?[]

Building, maintaining and defending a battlekeep do take a lot of resources and manpower, and it is not something every guild have the capacity to do. However, spread over the Border Kingdom you will find something we call towers which functions almost like mini-keeps that can be captured and held much easier by smaller guilds. These do not give the same benefits as the battlekeeps, but there will definitively be a rewarding venture to take control over these structures as well.

How can another guild capture your battlekeep or tower?[]

We realize standing on guard twenty-four hours a day is no fun, so there will be specific periods when a battlekeep is open for attacks. An attacking guild will have to construct a war tent outside your battlekeep and you and your guild will have a limited amount of time to muster your forces and prepare your defense. The attacking guild will then have to bring down your structure by any means possible, both attacking with swords, horses, bows and axes, but also with siege engines.

Is there actually drunken fighting in the game?[]

Yes, there are. Drunken brawling as we call it is a special type of PvP battle designed as a way to get everyone into player-versus-player, regardless of level, without having to risk going onto the battlefields. You will be able to go into a tavern, buy alcohol and get seriously drunk, but you have to be aware of the limits. Being drunk has obvious visual effects. The more you drink the more you stand, but the less chance you have of hitting! Your experience level and equipment plays no part in these fights, and it all depends on how well you hit, what you use as your weapon and how drunk you really are.

What would be the benefits of getting involved in PvP?[]

It’s fun, of course, but we have also tried to give PvP a purpose in the world. One obvious benefit is being able to join a guild and fight over the control of battlekeeps in the Border Kingdom, which will give you added bonuses in the game. You are not required to get involved in this sociopolitical aspect of the game to have fun though. We also have the Blood Money system which is basically an alternative currency that you get when you fight and kill other players in battle. Blood Money can be used to purchase equipment and benefits that are not available for purchase with regular currency. Fighting other players does carry other benefits as well, as you have a separate advancement system for PvP in Age of Conan.

So your character has PvE and PvP advancement?[]

Yes, there are twenty different player-versus-player levels in addition to the normal skill levels. You gain PvP levels by fighting battles with other players, and opening new PvP levels gives you special feats and abilities.

Is PvP the endgame in Age of Conan?[]

Yes and no, the player-versus-player aspects of Age of Conan is but one of the many core features of the game. You can choose to overlook this feature completely, never even setting your foot in the Border Kingdom or in a tavern or arena for that sake. The world of Hyboria is incredibly rich in myths and exotic locations, and we guarantee you hours upon hours of adventure through some of the most fantastic areas you’ve ever seen, infested with some of the most incredible monsters you’ll ever fight. There are quests to be completed, raids to be had, computer controlled cities to be crushed, dungeons to explored and treasures to be found even at the highest levels of the game.

Is siege combat only available in the Border Kingdoms?[]

No, siege combat actually comes in three variations. One for the Border Kingdom where guilds will use catapults, trebuchets and other siege engines to fight over a battlekeep, and two for the player city areas where the player city can defend their own city with siege engines as well as attack the neighboring computer-controlled city that will build up next to it. So you will basically find siege combat in the Border Kingdom as well as in the player city areas, but only the former include PvP siege combat where players dish out against each other over ownership of the battlekeeps.

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