Wolf mount1
Wolf Mount
Binds when Picked Up

Item Level 1 - Rare
Buying requires Rank
Wolf of the Steppes (Rank 4)
in Wolves of Steppes

Can Only Have One

Summons your wolf mount

”They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but wolves? Wolves are stand-offish and they don’t like humans much. We smell.” - Wolves of the Steppes Raider

Eventually being able to ride a wolf into battle will not be an easy task, and the player must go through several quests where the wolf will grow with each quest completed. The types of wolves range from a small cub that merely follows the player around, to a fully grown wolf, capable of carrying its master and inflict pain on those standing in its way.

The only way to get a wolf is to get it young and separate it from the pack. This will prove that you are worthy to be the pack leader – if you die then you were not strong enough to replace the pack leader. Finding the pack is the first challenge –killing them is the second. At first, the wolf is too small to be much help to the player. The wolf needs to learn to hunt and kill prey. This will take some time and effort.

A wolf must also be able to scent their prey and use that scent to determine between friend and foe. The player must teach their wolf to understand the different scents of the world and to teach them the smells. The wolf must then be tested to ensure that it knows the difference.

The wolf is not a creature inclined to carry a rider; indeed it is far more likely to cast off the player and use them as a meal. But if the player wishes to ride the wolf, they must make a harness which is strong enough to hold and direct the wolf. In time, it will become used to their efforts.

The Wolf mount comes with a special ability – A Terrifying Howl that staggers and dismounts enemies nearby and reveals hidden foes.

The wolf mount has the longest endurance of any mount in the game; it can be used to sprint for an unlimited amount of time.