Xotli, known also as the Lord of Terror, or the Black Kraken of Atlantis is a demon-god of the Elder Night. Xotli was worshiped first by the Atlanteans prior to the Great Cataclysm, and later by the Antillians during the Hyborian Age.

Xotli was served by a council of dark priests known as the Hierarchy of the Sacred Mysteries of Xotli. The Hierarchy ruled the Antillian kingdom from the city of Ptahuacan, where they conducted dark rituals of mass sacrifice for their demon-god to bring him forth into the world.

Xotli appeared to his Antillian worshippers as a rolling cloud of ebony darkness; a vortex of ultimate, boreal cold. Xotli would consume the living souls of those placed upon his pyramid-like altars in the islands of Antillia, while the bodies of the dead were discarded into a deep pit to feed the dragons kept inside the pyramid.

In his later years, Conan the Cimmerian travelled to the Isles of Antillia and fought against the followers of Xotli, who had been harassing the citizens of Aquilonia by unleashing their Red Shadows to steal countless victims as offerings for the voracious Xotli. Conan defeated the dark god, before liberating the citizens of Antillia from their cruel rulers, by using a phoenix-shaped amulet given to him by the prophet of Mitra, Epemitreus the Sage. By smashing the amulet, Conan released the power of Mitra's Light, which destroyed the demon-god and saved the lands of Hyboria from the Red Shadows.

AoC MMO[edit | edit source]

Heralds of Xotli are a playable class in Age of Conan who call on Xotli to gain access to more deadly powers than other Mages would dare use.

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